Daycare termination letter and its sample 

The Daycare termination letter will inform the facility that you no longer require the services and that the children will no longer be going there. This letter is one of the essential ones so that you need to arrange this letter properly. This letter is usually written before the center charges you for an extra day, week, or month.

You can ensure the recipient if you write this Daycare termination letter form suitable with the people’s need. Therefore, to make your template impressive, you need to follow the format by reading the sample and the steps or tips to create this letter. Here are some steps that should you follow to make it great.

How to create a Daycare termination letter

To make this Daycare termination letter template is not difficult if you understand the purpose of the letter. You also can give the exact reason for taking the kids to make the readers believing in your capabilities. You can follow the steps below to make it better.

  • Select the proper template to customize for your own letter
  • Begin with your name and the contact information and the name of the daycare center at the top
  • Give the great reason why you want to take the kids out of the center in the opening paragraph
  • You also can include the date your kids will attend
  • Write detail information such as phone number and address
  • A thank you to workers for caring for your kids
  • Any special details regarding your kids’ last day

Tips to make a Daycare termination letter

Furthermore, you also need some tips below to make a Daycare termination letter format easy to read. Here are the tips to write:

  • Write the letter in a clear and concise manner
  • Avoid any ambiguity words or sentences on the letter
  • Write the date is written and the date you will terminate your relationship with the daycare provider
  • Write the reason to protect your interest
  • In the last paragraph, you need to include your contact information

The Daycare termination letter sample 

To help you arrange this letter clearer, you can follow the Daycare termination letter sample below. The sample will lead you to arrange the proper one without any difficulties.

Dear Ms. Martha 

This letter will inform you that as of October 28, 2018, our Children Nemo and Thomas will no longer be attending the Happy Child Day Care. As per our contract, please accept this letter as our official 2-week notice. The bill is paid through the end of June and we will pay for the additional week of July. I realized we are responsible for paying for a full week of tuition although the children will only attend for 3 days. 

In July, I will be taking a new job out of this country. Although the move makes good business and financial sense, I realize it will be difficult for Nemo and Thomas to leave a place they know as home and move to somewhere else they never knew before. 

We have been pleased with the level of care Happy Child Day Care to keep my children. We researched many daycare facilities within the area and I found nothing but your daycare was impressive with a high-quality preschool education program. 

Please call me if you have any questions. You can call me at 666-987-564 or call my wife at 666-897-675. Thank you again for taking great care of our children.



Jesse Richard

Mr. Jesse Richard 

That is the sample to create a Daycare termination letter that can be followed. It is not difficult as long as you understand the purpose of this letter as well.



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