Professor Recommendation Letter and Its Tips & Sample

A professor recommendation letter is created in different situations. This kind of letter may be for a professor who is considered for a grant or a promotion. It may also be for a professor who plans to change colleges. Since this kind of letter is very important, you have to know how to create it. Therefore, this article will discuss it further.

 How to Make a Professor Recommendation Letter

You can make this letter on your own easily. However, you will have to follow the step by step below:

  • The first thing you will have to do is to pick our template.
  • After you pick a template, what you need to do is to complete the template with the needed information.
  • You should start with letterhead and continued with an introduction, body, conclusion, and signature.
  • Before you print the letter, you still need to proofread it first to ensure that there is no error like error grammar and misspelling.
  • After printing the letter, you should submit it soon and wait for the response.

Tips for Creating a Professor Recommendation Letter

This kind of letter must be created correctly. Here, we provide you a few important tips to consider:

  • First, you have to know and follow the proper format. Make sure that it contains a letterhead, introduction, body, conclusion, and signature.
  • Besides, you also must use good grammar.
  • Then, you also need to keep it easy to understand. In this case, you have to avoid ambiguous and too long sentences.
  • Since it is a formal document, you have to make it formal. So, informal language must is not allowed.
  • Last, do not forget to proofread it. So, you will not find error grammar, misspelling, or any other mistake.

Professor Recommendation Letter Sample

Below is an example of a professor recommendation letter:

Dear President Carlson

I want to take this chance to recommend Benjamin, Ph.D. to be the professor of anthropology at this university. He has held the distinction of associate professor at this university for recent years. As his dean, I think that Dr. Down is excellently qualified to be promoted to the full professor.

He has conducted awesome research over a few last years in the area of population migration. His research made a significant impact. He also made some trips to dig sites in Ethiopia with the Archeology Department members to offer his expertise in his own theory.

He is very good at forensic anthropology, linguistics, human-environmental interactions, and origins of domestication. I think there is no other professor who is very passionate about anthropology. He also understands well about human. Considering those reasons, I really give recommendation to promote him as a full professor.

I need further discussion about this with you. So, please call me at (111)-111-1111 for a meeting. My email is also available.

Respectfully submitted,

  1. Cooper, PhD

That is all everything you need to know about a professor recommendation letter. So, you will be able to create your own recommendation letter correctly.


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