English Teacher Recommendation Letter to Share a Chance for Getting Job

An English teacher recommendation letter can be a helper, especially for the recent graduate student or for those who want to be a new teacher. Through this letter, the management will have another support document besides the resume and cover letter.

The recommendation letter comes from those who have the power of integrity to make a recommendation. For example, the lecturer recommends their college student. It means the recommendation cannot be made by every person.

What is an English Teacher Recommendation Letter?

In a simple definition, a recommendation letter is a letter written by a person or someone who could recommend an individual’s work. When it tells about the recommendation letter for the English teacher, of course, the letter will be very useful to help an individual to be a new teacher.

Something that you need to know, a recommendation letter is a personal letter. That is why there are no official or exact rules for this letter. The reasons for the recommendation are also personal. However, a giver of the recommendation should be responsible for what they do.

What is the Format of the English Teacher Recommendation Letter?

Substantively, there is no exact format of the recommendation letter since it is kind of a personal letter. However, the information inside this letter should be arranged neatly. Here, there is a common format that you may follow to make a recommendation letter.

  • Introduction
  • Statement of recommendation
  • Lists of specific reasons for the recommendation
  • Personal story to show the qualities
  • Closing statement
  • Contact information
  • Signature

Tips to Make a Good English Teacher Recommendation Letter

To make a good recommendation letter to help your friend getting a new job, these are some tips that should be known. Some tips to make a good recommendation letter are:

  • Focus on the description of the job
  • Remain positive
  • Show the objective reasons for giving recommendation
  • Explain how you know the person clearly and completely
  • Use the official format of business letter

Sample of English Teacher Recommendation Letter

We have a sample of the recommendation letter that can be your inspiration below.

Dear Ms. Jenny

There is a recommendation letter for Jude Anderson as the new English teacher for your school. For the last year, Jude taught large English classes for our organization. He also built a great reputation as an educator. That is why we know that he could continue it at your school.

One of the greatest skills f Jude is how he managed the classroom. In the crowded class, he found much creativity to handle the situation. Besides, he also has many teaching strategies to deliver the lesson materials interestingly, so the students could understand it easier.

I hope that you could accept Jude Anderson as the new English teacher. When you need more information, you may contact me at (555) 661-1818.



That is all about the English teacher recommendation letter. Remember, not every person could give a recommendation!


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