Project Manager Reference Letter and Its Sample

Sometimes, a project manager job can be a short-time position. When a project is finished, the individual can return to a previous position. A big company often employs a permanent project manager because there are many projects go on continuously. Here, we will discuss a project manager reference letter.

What Is a Project Manager Reference Letter?

Typically, this is a kind of letter written by someone in a managerial or supervisory position on behalf of a subordinate. Usually, it is written to recommend the individual for an assignment as a project manager with clear outcomes, objectives, and goals.

Why Needs a Project Manager Reference Letter?

A project manager is an important position. So, the project manager position must be filled by the right person. This letter will be very useful for the applicant. Usually, it is written by a general manager, a department director, or other persons who work in upper management.

How to Make a Project Manager Reference Letter

Here is how to write such a reference letter in detailed step by step:

  • Before begin the paragraph, greet the recipient politely.
  • In this letter, you have to create an introductory paragraph first.
  • You have to highlight a certain project or some projects for which the applicant is responsible.
  • After that, you will need to include all the needed details in this kind of reference letter.
  • Then, make a closing paragraph in the end.
  • End the letter with your signature and name.

Tips for Creating a Project Manager Reference Letter

When you write such a reference letter, make sure that you consider the following important tips:

  • This letter should follow the proper format.
  • Besides, you must use good grammar & spelling, too.
  • Then, you have to make it convincing.
  • In addition, you need to keep this letter concise, simple, and formal.
  • Proofreading is needed.

Project Manager Reference Letter Sample

If you are looking for a sample of a reference letter for a project manager, let’s see this:

Dear Mr. Kennedy,

I’m pleased to recommend Adam Johnson to you for the temporary position of project manager on our next computer conversion. We need someone who understands the company dynamic well & is familiar with our technological needs. He fits to fill this position.

As we know, he managed the system integration successfully. I’m sure that he will satisfy performance to complete our upcoming projects. His leadership skills, expertise, and knowledge will be very useful.

He has strong interpersonal skills. He also earned the respect and admiration of both superiors and subordinates. He always displays a positive attitude. He is very talented, motivated, and excited.

He has excellent communication skills both verbal and written. I hope you can consider him seriously to fill this position. I believe that he will not disappoint you. If you want to discuss it further, please contact me via phone or email.


Michael Jackson

Vice President – Information System

VGA Affiliates

That is all about a project manager reference letter. If you want to create such a reference letter, you can follow the sample above.


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