Involuntary Resignation Letter and Its Sample

Sometimes, there is a situation where you are forced to resign from your job to avoid personal or legal risk. In this situation, you will need to create an involuntary resignation letter. So, this situation can be documented officially & your employers can read it. Now, let’s discuss it further here!

How to Make an Involuntary Resignation Letter

Even though this letter will not resolve an unpleasant situation completely, at least it shows that you’ve done your part. In writing this kind of resignation letter, you need to follow the step by step below:

  • First of all, you have to entitle it “Involuntary Resignation”.
  • You can start the letter by explaining the situation briefly.
  • You have to describe the facts that have happened.
  • You should state your resignation date and other relevant details.
  • In the end, you should wish that this situation can be resolved.
  • Do not forget to thank your employer for his/her understanding.

Tips for Creating an Involuntary Resignation Letter

Creating this kind of letter is very challenging. So, you may need to consider the following important and useful tips:

  • You have to make it clearly noticeable that it is an I involuntary resignation letter.
  • Besides following the proper format, you also need to keep it brief.
  • Then, you should also include all the needed details.
  • In addition, you have to pay attention to grammar and spelling carefully.
  • You must also avoid ambiguous and informal words.
  • If needed, you can send copies of this letter to anybody who needs to read it.

Involuntary Resignation Letter Sample

The following sample can be your reference in writing such a letter:

Dear Ms. Ginny,

I’m writing this because I’m forced to notify you of my involuntary resignation at ZOOM Company. This will immediately come into effect and I won’t return to the office. I’ve received some anonymous notes & calls that are suspicious. I’m sure that they are a result of my communications about employees committing company policy violations.

Harassment of this nature is really stressful. It also causes toll to be taken on my physical and mental health’s & work performance. Possibly, I couldn’t return to work if this harassment isn’t resolved. To discuss it further, just call me at (111)-111-1111 or send an email to me.

I hope this situation can be resolved without negative treatment to any other team member. I’ve enjoyed my time with ZOOM Company & will always remember the great times. I’m grateful for all the valuable experiences from working there and I’ll carry it into all future endeavors. Wish you all the best and success! Thank you for your understanding this situation.

Yours sincerely,

Jenny L.


ZOOM Company

That is all about an involuntary resignation letter. You can write such a letter with your own words based on the situation you face in your workplace. Don’t forget to follow all the steps and consider the useful tips above. The sample above may inspire you to get an idea of how to write such a letter correctly.


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