Executive Assistant Recommendation Letter and Its Sample

Usually, an executive assistant recommendation letter is for a person who helps a company president, department head, vice president, or other executive in an upper management position. It is usually written by a former or current employer. However, it may be written by someone familiar with the assistant’s work.

What Are the Achievements of an Executive Assistant?

An executive assistant must be able to identify problems & apply effective resolutions. He/she should also be able o analyze & interpret data. Besides, the ability to coordinate all department functions and increase office organization is also needed.

What Questions Should an Employer Ask for a Recommendation Letter?

When an employer asks for a recommendation letter, you have to explain why you chose that person for the request politely. Besides, you should also describe specific details making the employer believe that that person is the best choice. If the manager refuses, you must offer your gratitude for his/her time.

How to Create an Executive Assistant Recommendation Letter

Creating such a recommendation letter requires you to do the step by step below:

  • First of all, address the recommendation letter.
  • After that, create a brief introduction.
  • Then, outline the qualifications of the person you are recommending.
  • Next, describe a time that he/she really impressed you.
  • End the recommendation letter with a particular endorsement.
  • Last but not least, include your contact information.

Tips for Writing an Executive Assistant Recommendation Letter

A nice recommendation letter can be created by considering the following tips:

  • State why you are recommending the person for an executive assistant position.
  • Describe his/her education, skills, experience, and abilities that relate to the position.
  • If you have the experience with him/her, just tell it to the employer.
  • Convince the employer that he/she is the best person for an executive assistant.
  • Keep it simple, concise, formal, and professional.

Executive Assistant Recommendation Letter Sample

This recommendation letter sample will be useful for your reference:

Dear Dr. John,

I’m sure to recommend Ms. Taylor to you for your executive assistant. She did a great job as my assistant at my company. I’ll miss her very much but she needs a better job and your company is the right place. I know that her skills and talents will be valuable for this position.

When she became my administrative assistant, she worked diligently. She was also very professional and did all her duties very well. Working with me for about 3 years, I really know her performance. So, I don’t hesitate to recommend her to you.

She is a multi-tasker. So, she is always ready for heavy workload. She can handle many responsibilities very well. She is very professional and responsible.

If you have any questions about her, I’ll be happy to answer. You can contact me via phone at (111)-111-1111 or email at patrick@gmail.com.


  1. Patrick, Ph. D.

That is all about an executive assistant recommendation letter. Make sure that you really know the performance of the person you would like to recommend.


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