Music Teacher Recommendation Letter and Its Sample

A music teacher recommendation letter is created for a teacher working in a private school, a public school, a music store, or someone owning a music business. This kind of letter is made by a parent, a music student, or a supervisor/administrator in a school environment.

How to Make a Music Teacher Recommendation Letter

If you want to create such a letter but you do not know how to do it, just follow the step by step below:

  • First of all, you have to write the addressee.
  • In the first paragraph, you can directly state that you recommend someone to be a music teacher.
  • After that, you have to describe him/her and explain why he/she is the right person to be a music teacher.
  • If you have the experience with him/her, you also need to tell it.
  • In the last paragraph, do not forget to restate your recommendation and convince the addressee to consider your recommendation.
  • To end the letter, you should sign it off and write your name.

Tips for Creating a Music Teacher Recommendation Letter

Whether you are a school’s supervisor/administrator, a student, or a parent, writing a recommendation letter for a music teacher should consider the following tips:

  • This kind of letter should be written in a proper format.
  • Besides, it must also be formal, polite, and professional.
  • Then, you have to keep it simple, concise, and understandable.
  • It is also important to pay attention to spelling and grammar.
  • Ambiguous & informal words should be avoided, too.
  • Proofreading is also required to prevent any mistake or error.

Music Teacher Recommendation Letter Sample

There is a sample you can use for your reference as seen below:

Dear parent,

I’d like to recommend Gloria Masha to you as your children’s music teacher. She is a piano & voice teacher. In this community, she is well-respected. We all also know that she played the piano concert for 2 decades until she retired a few years ago.

After she graduated from Julia Music School, she performed for 5 years with the Zumba Opera in French. Then, she married & returned to the US. She performed as pianist and everyone knew her. We are fortune to have her as a music teacher. She is the best music teacher we have ever had.

She is passionate about music. She is also enthusiastic & energetic. She is patient with students. Even though she belongs to the best music teachers in this area, her price is reasonable. I think that she is an excellent music teacher for everyone.

My daughter also has taken music lessons from her for the past 6 years. My daughter studies voice & piano as well. Gloria really provides the best music education as far as I know. If you are looking for a music teacher, she is the best one you can hire.

I’m pleased to recommend her to you as your children’s music teacher. I’m grateful to her experience, skills, and abilities. Please call me at (111)-111-1111 for further discussion.


Beta Jessica

That is all about a music teacher recommendation letter. Hopefully, you will be able to write your own recommendation by following the sample above.


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