Academic Dismissal Appeal Letter and Its Sample

Sometimes, the school committee will dismiss their students that have poor academic performance. When you, unfortunately, face this condition, there is still an opportunity to appeal it. Besides facing the committee, you could make an academic dismissal appeal letter to take the opportunity.

Sending a letter maybe can be an option when there is an unfavorable situation because of some reason. Through the letter, you may write some understanding of what went wrong and the responsibility for the failures of the academic.

Tips to Make Academic Dismissal Appeal Letter

To make a good letter for an academic dismissal appeal, these are some tips that maybe can be your reference and guide. The tips are:

  • Find the template of the academic dismissal appeal letter to know its format
  • Use a formal writing style and avoid using ambiguous words
  • State the explanation of the dismissal appeal clearly and consecutively
  • Add the signature to legalize the letter

Sample of Academic Dismissal Appeal Letter

We have a sample of an academic dismissal appeal letter that can be another reference when you want to make it. You may see the words option and the arrangement of the paragraph of the letter.

The sample is:

Dear Standard Committee of Marie University

I am writing this letter to appeal for my academic dismissal from Marie University. I was not surprised but very sad to receive the dismissal letter. I am writing this letter with the hope to be reinstated for the new semester. Thank you for giving me chance to explain my condition.

I had a very difficult condition in the last semester and my grade result paid for it. I knew that taking 20 credit hours will push me to arrange my time. However, I was confident that everything can be handled. However, a month after the registration, my father became very ill. He was sick and unable to work.

I tried to find some works that I can handle to help to fulfill the needs of the household. Fortunately, I got a job with a good salary. However, that new condition placed me in a difficult position in my academic career. Sometimes, I passed the class and when I was inside the classroom, I am too difficult to concentrate.

That is a big fault of me but I still have the spirit to continue my academic career. Now, my father is in a good condition and he can do some jobs. I still love this university and I hope there is a chance for me to graduate from this university.

If I am reinstated, I will focus on my academics and try to cut some hours for the job. Also, I will try to meet with my advisor and I will follow his advice.

Please understand that my bad result in the last semester doesn’t represent that I am a bad student. I hope the committee could give me a second chance to continue my study. Thank you for considering this appeal letter.



By writing the academic dismissal appeal letter, you can show your real expression. However, you also need to be patient in waiting for the answer letter from the committee.


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