Guidance counselor recommendation letter and the sample 

A guidance counselor usually works in an elementary, middle, or high school. Moreover, it is addressed different issues depending on the age of the student. Therefore, you need to write a proper Guidance counselor recommendation letter. It is usually written by an administrator, a supervising counselor, a teacher, so forth.

Besides, you also do not worry if you never write this Guidance counselor recommendation letter form. It is not difficult if you understand the purpose of the form. It is like other recommendation letters so that you need to pay attention to be professional when you write this letter as well.

How to write a Guidance counselor recommendation letter 

To facilitate your writing of this Guidance counselor recommendation letter template, you can follow some steps below that will help you to make it impressive.

  • Start your letter by introduction. In this idea, you can declare your recommendation for the readers.
  • Write the letter briefly to make it easy to read for the recipients
  • On the body paragraph, you can show your child balanced academic interest with other interests
  • To finish your letter, you can write it as clear as possible with certainty by saying “thank you for this opportunity ….”

Tips to arrange the Guidance counselor recommendation letter 

Moreover, you also can follow some tips below to make your Guidance counselor recommendation letter design getting better. The tips will make the readers easily understand what you are writing.

  • Begin your letter with knowing who the letter is for
  • Ensure the letter adheres to proper school by reviewing the application
  • Complies some lists for the individual characters to show the qualities of the people for recommended
  • Remember to draft the actual recommendation letter

The Guidance counselor recommendation letter sample 

Furthermore, if you are confused to arrange this letter, you can look at the sample of the Guidance counselor recommendation letter below that will guide you to arrange the proper letter without any difficulties.

 Dear Principle of Bluebird High School

It is my pleasure to recommend Sarah Martin to fill the open position of guidance counselor at Bluebird High School. Sarah is one of the counselors here at ABCD Middle school and desires to transition into the high school environment. As much as I will miss having Sarah on the counseling staff at Middle School, I am happy to see her take her career to the next level. 

Sarah has provided encouragement and practical assistance for students that struggle with social problems. I believe she can make the necessary adjustment in her counseling methods and techniques to transition from working with middle to high school students. 

Sarah has a specialty to work with a student who has disabilities. She can recognize the first signs of learning disabilities. The student with whom Sarah has worked has experience improvement well. 

I am able to provide detailed work records for Sarah Martin if it will help you to make a decision. I hope you consider seriously for Sarah to fill the position of High School guidance counselor. For more information to discuss, please call me at 777-889-345 or by email at


Michael Jordan


ABCD Middle School 

With the sample above, you can follow to write this Guidance counselor recommendation letter without any difficulties. You only need to consider the purpose of this letter as well.


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