Quit Job Letter and Template

People don’t usually stay in one job for the rest of their life. Sometimes, there is also the need to stop working as well. We have our own reason, but we need to relay the exact reason properly. That’s what you write in your quit jobletter. Here, we can guide you through the making to make letter on your own.

What Is Quit Job Letter

This particular letter is better and formally known as resignation letter in world of work. You write this letter to ask for permanent leave from the company you work in. Here, you need to thank the employer as well. Learn to make one.

How to Make Quit Job Letter

Quitting letter is usually short and simple. There is no need to prolong it if you are going toleave after all. It is best to just get to the point. Even so, you still need to be respectful. That is why the letter templatehas only short step to follow.

  • Address the supervisor
  • Write your intention of resigning
  • Put the resignation date
  • Thank the employer
  • Explain your reason of leaving
  • Offer assistance during the transition
  • Leave phone number and sign the letter

Tips to Create Quit Job Letter

Just because it is resignation letter, it does not mean that you can just be short and brief, then be done with it. There is more to it than what meets the eye. Resigning job shouldn’t be done with disrespect. Here, consider the tips below.

  • Make sure to write your position, effective date, and contact info
  • Send the letter to your immediate supervisor
  • Submit a copy for the human resource office
  • Indicate your reasons for leaving as neutral as possible
  • Keep the letter factual and respectful
  • Remain graceful and detailed

Quit Job Letter Template

Writing the letter might be easier said than done for some people. So, if you are having a hard time yourself, you can take a look at the template of quit job letter below. Write yours just like it and you will get things done real quickly.

Dear Ms. Obelia,

I am writing this letter to inform you that I am resigning from my position as Cook Assistant for Delight Restaurant. My resignation will be effective starting from December 7, 2020. I have nothing but gratitude for entrusting that position to me for the past 3 years. I have had wonderful experience working with you.

I am thankful for it has been a positive effect to my personal and professional development. With that, I would like to challenge myself in higher position and I decide to move on to new opportunity offered by Star Culinary Company. I am willing and ready to assist Delight Restaurant in any way during my transition.

Should you need my assistance, you can contact me at (555)-209-4427. Following my departure, I can still answer questions although direct assistance would no longer be possible. Thank you again for the support.


Layla Linoxx

Layla Linoxx

Cc: Human Resources Department


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