CEO Resignation Letter and Its Simple Sample

Resignation is a possibility that may happen in the field of industry, even for the CEO. The difference in vision maybe becomes the reason for the resignation. Of course, when the CEO wants to resign from the position, they need to make the CEO resignation letter.

A resignation letter becomes the formal procedure that the resign CEO should make. This letter here will be the medium to spread the reasons for the resignation and a helper for the director to find the new CEO to fill the empty position.

What is CEO Resignation Letter?

The resignation letter is a formal announcement that is sent to the employer that an employee wants to leave the job. When it comes to the CEO, of course, it will be said the CEO resignation letter.

Something to be underline about this letter is being professional. It means the letter should be written professionally with the objective reasons for the leaving from the current job.

What is the format of the CEO Resignation Letter?

Since the CEO’s resignation letter is a formal document, there is an exact format of this letter to follow. The format is quite simple, as:

  • Date of the letter
  • Address line
  • Statement of resignation
  • Last day of work
  • Gratitude statement
  • The next step
  • Closing statement
  • Signature

Tips to Make a Good CEO Resignation Letter

To make a good CEO resignation letter, these are some tips that you also need to follow. By following these tips, of course, you could make a great letter for the last working days. Those tips are:

  • Find a good template of the CEO resignation letter
  • Complete the contact information both employee and employer
  • Use the objective reasons for leaving
  • Use a good grammar of wording option
  • Avoid using ambiguous words

Sample of CEO Resignation Letter

To ease you in writing the CEO resignation letter, here we have a sample of it. The sample can be another reference for you. Read the sample below.

Dear Board of Directors

Through this letter, I want to state about my resignation from the Abigail Company and it will be effective immediately. The dropping faith from the shareholders and the latest condition of the company that isn’t fine becomes the root of why I choose to leave my current job. I feel that there is none I can do to make this company backs to the good road.

The business climates change very fast and I cannot follow the flow. The Abigail Company needs more creative CEO with brilliant minds to survive. With all of my restrictiveness, the future company cannot be predicted.

I am confident that the board will find the right person for the new CEO and bring the company backs to its top position. Also, I ask for apologies, especially for all of my mistakes during my stay at this company.

If you need more information, please feel free to contact me through messages. Thank you for your attention and time.


Thomas Alvin

That is all about the CEO’s resignation letter. All you need to do now is finding the template and then create the letter as your need.



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