Benefit Termination Letter and Its Sample

A benefit termination letter is a document that serves 2 important purposes. The first purpose is that it warns recipient they will lose an advantage they depend on. The second purpose is that it provides them with required contact info to secure another resource for the advantage if possible. If you want to know more about this kind of letter, let’s pay attention to the following guides, tips, and sample.

How to Make a Benefit Termination Letter

If you want to make this kind of letter, you should follow the following detailed steps:

  • Firstly, you should pick our template.
  • Secondly, you need to write the letter.
  • You must start with an introductory paragraph.
  • After that, you have to identify the benefit.
  • Then, you should state the date it will end.
  • Next, the contact information also needs to be included.
  • Finally, you can print the letter and send it soon.

Tips for Writing a Benefit Termination Letter

To make this kind of letter effective, the following useful and important tips should be considered:

  • To ease your task, it is a good idea to use our letter template.
  • In writing the letter, you have to use a good grammar.
  • The language must also be formal, clear, and understandable.
  • You also need to use the proper format.
  • To make it legal, do not forget to sign off the letter.
  • Proofreading is also needed to ensure that there is no mistake and error.
  • One more, this document must be submitted or sent in a printed sheet of paper.

Benefit Termination Letter Sample

The sample of a benefit termination letter can be seen below:

Dear Ms. Pearls,

I write this letter to inform you that you will not be eligible for healthcare coverage under Human Communication group insurance policy on September 20th 2020. Your coverage termination is based on your dismissal from the company on September 1st 2020 for misconduct. Then, you will get a prior coverage certification by email. On that date, you are going to be discontinued from all programs.

Currently, you are enrolled in the health, dental, & vision plans of the company. Your benefits under every plan are going to be terminated on September 20th 2020. It applies to any dependant that is currently enrolled in the plan. If you choose to continue your group insurance, you can apply for conversion to an individual policy later. Now, you can also exercise this choice to apply for conversion.

If you have any question, you can visit the insurance provider’s address at HR Trust Company on Lexington Avenue, NY. They can also be reached at (222)-222-2222.

To address them to employee benefit services, you can call at (111)-111-1111. The file of your employee will remain open with the office for 2 months from the date of this document.


Ketty Moore

That is all what you need to know about a benefit termination letter. Hopefully, the guidelines, tips, and sample above can be a useful reference for you who want to write this kind of letter.


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