Contractor Termination Letter and Template

When you find your subordinate has gone low in his performance, as his superior you have all the rights to criticize or even terminate him if it isneeded.Contractor termination letter is what you need to end the business relationship. We have contractorterminationguide to guide all of you through the way here

How to Make Contractor Termination Letter

Let’s start with the procedure here. You need to learn it step by step to make proper one. After all, even templates have their own order of things depending on the kind. Terminationletter guidewill be easier to make on your own then. Let’s see below.

  • Address the last name of the contractor
  • Mention the date you no longer use his service
  • Make their good qualities know first
  • State your dissatisfaction on things
  • Document all the issues for evidence
  • Use ‘Failure to Perfect’ clause to end things
  • Put your attorney’s contact info for inquiry
  • Sign the letter

Tips to Create Contractor Termination Letter

Now, let’s make it better with some useful tips here. Terminationletter tipswill have you pay attention to important details. That way, you won’t miss anything to make the best letter to terminate your employee. Be sure to consider them all here.

  • Use formal business tone
  • Provide the effective date of termination
  • Explain the issues with date included
  • Be clear and actual with facts
  • Include pictures in evidence documentation

Contractor Termination Letter Template

After all that, we are sure you need to take a look at the template yourself. It will give you good view of what you are supposed to make. Terminationlettercontent can be brief or about one page long. Let’s see this contractor terminationletter below.

Dear Mr. Calson:

I have this letter sent to you that from November 11, 2020, I will no longer be using your service as our company’s contractor. Prior to July 27, I was satisfied with the quality service you had to provide us. You had everything picked and returned on schedule. You even had them cleaned as per the proper instructions.

However, there have been problems in your performance for the last several months. On September 5, you had the goods delivered not in the scheduled times. On October 15, you had the goods delivered wrong. The color was not actually  as requested. On November 7, the delivered goods were that of poor quality.

You kept my calls ignored most of the time. Where we managed to talk, you could only assure, but didn’t actually fix the problems. I have everything documented along with pictures needed. I am aware that we are not yet to reach the end of the contract.But, we can no longer tolerate your poor work performance.

Your actions as indicated in the evidence has nullified the contract based on ‘Failure to Perform’ clause onpage 2, section B. For inquiries, please address them to my attorney, George Stephens, at (555)-292-2109.


Rouge Teressa

Mrs. Rouge Teressa, Owner

TeressaCounty Resort



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