New business announcement letter and its sample 

If you want to open a new business, you will need to send out a mass mailing to make people easily know your job position. Gaining this purpose, you need to create a new business announcement letter that will facilitate you to invite people to visit in your new business.

Moreover, you also need to make this new business announcement letter template easy to read and understand. This idea is important because most people are busy and most of them will not take the time to read a long-winded announcement. Because of that, you need to make it simple in the following ways.

How to create a new business announcement letter easy to read

To make your new business announcement form letter easy to read, you need to follow some ideas below that will help the readers reading your letter as fast as possible. Those are:

  • Select the proper template which is suitable for your business
  • Edit and customize the template with a standard format and content
  • Provide information about the business that is opening to make the readers easy to understand
  • You also can include the type of merchandise being sold or range of service offered
  • Remember to write about the grand opening with a call to action for the reader to stop by in person

Tips to make a new business announcement letter easy to understand 

Furthermore, you also need to make your new business announcement letter idea template easy to understand. Gaining this purpose, you can follow the following tips that will help you to arrange it as fast as possible and easy to understand. The tips are:

  • Create your template short
  • Make your form to the point
  • Remember to personalize it by using you and you should not use our customer, everyone, clients, and so forth
  • You also can enclose an opening offer such as a money off voucher or a free consultation on your template
  • Do not forget to insert the contact details

The sample of the new business announcement letter 

If you are confused to create this letter, you can look at the flowing new business announcement letter sample that will help you to arrange it properly. This sample is simple that will guide you as fast as possible.

Dear Customer

We are very happy to announce the opening of the new retail store on Sunday, 10 October 2020 to meet the growing demand for the product.

Our business will have enclosed a voucher for 20% off any purchase for the first week we are open. You can check on our website to get the validation and we do hope you will use it and enjoy our product as well. 

Thank you!

Best regards

Bob Marley

That is a sample of a new business announcement letter. It is very simple and easy for you to arrange it. Moreover, you also need to make it clear about your business so that the readers will understand what you will offer for the customers. Because of that, you have to make it to the point of your business.



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