Teacher Assistant Recommendation Letter and the Sample 

A letter recommendation is one of the common letters that are used for individuals to apply for positions in academia. Therefore, if you want to be a teacher assistant, you need to create a teacher assistant recommendation. This idea will be helpful because your reference will help to get the hiring process.

To make this idea is not too difficult if you understand the way to arrange this recommendation letter. In this idea, we will discuss the teacher letter of recommendation form that will help you to get this position without any difficulties.

How to create a teacher assistant recommendation

Here are some ideas that will help you to create this assistant recommendation for a teacher that is easy to read so that people will get you as their assistant without any difficulties. You only need to follow some idea such as:

  • Choose the proper format which is suitable for your job position
  • You need to include the detail information such as the name, address, the date, a professional greeting, introductory paragraph, the body paragraph, closing paragraph, and then sign off and signature
  • Remember to state your qualification on your so that the people will know your ability
  • Write a reference for the position of the teacher is applying for
  • Highlight the notable skills, traits, and also the accomplishment on the template
  • You also need to offer specific examples to make the readers understand about you well
  • Give your contact information so that the reader can call you to come if you are needed

Tips to create a teacher assistant recommendation

Besides, you also can follow some tips below that will help you to arrange the proper teacher assistant recommendation idea design well. The tips below will take you to make this letter getting better.

The tips are:

  • If you do not know the recipient’s name on the institution, you can simply include the name of their school or institution
  • Begin your letter by explaining your current role and qualification
  • Specify how long you have worked together and details about your interaction
  • You need to focus on your letter on common responsibilities in that type of classroom. You can be specific and focus on your letter on the common responsibilities.
  • You also need to provide a clear and detailed example of relevant hard skills, soft skills, and accomplishment of teacher

Sample of the teacher assistant recommendation

To make it easy, here is the teacher assistant recommendation sample that will help you to create the proper letter as well. You can use the sample to use as your inspiration to begin writing the letter.

To whom it may concern, 

It is my pleasure to strongly recommend Fabio Van Den Brown for your 5th Grade English Teacher Position at Down Town Elementary. 

I am Tony Blank, Vice Principle at Big Green Elementary. I have 10 years of experience working in elementary-level education and have seen many great teachers come and go. Fabio is one of the individuals I have worked with who has great abilities. 

During Fabio’s time as an educator at Big Green Elementary, he displayed a great talent to manage his classroom, teaching concepts to all learning styles and developing a genuine love to learn for his student. 

I am confident that Fabio would be a great fit for your school. Not only will he bring the kind of skills and experience that you are looking for but he also can become an asset quickly both your institution and your students grow in any way he can. 

If you need more information or specific samples, please do not doubt to contact me at Tonyblank@biggreen.edu or (065) 55-678. As a recommendation letter likely only providing a snapshot of his talent and achievement, I would be happy to further elaborate on my time working with him. 


Tony Blank

Vice Principal 

That all about the teacher assistant recommendation that should you knows. With those ideas, you can create the best recommendation as well as you can.



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