SAP appeal letter and the sample 

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) will be a vital idea for a student that receives financial help to maintain their school. Therefore, writing an SAP appeal letter will be useful for you especially if you have experienced hardship, death in the family, illness, injury, and any other special circumstances in the academic standing.

You have to know the importance of this SAP appeal letter template. Students that do not maintain this letter will help the authorities understand a student’s unique circumstances. Because of that, you can lead to receiving the extra time to bring the grades back up to balance.

How to create an SAP appeal letter

Writing this letter is not too difficult if you know the purpose of the SAP appeal letter document. Besides, you also can use the steps below to write the letter without any difficulties.

  • To write this letter, you can check the college’s website for the direction of writing the letter because each college usually has its own rule
  • You can use the personal salutation to start writing the letter such as “dear”
  • You can introduce yourself in the first of the paragraph by stating your interest in the SAP appeal letter
  • You also can end up your letter by saying thank you to the recipient for their time and the consideration

The tips to write the SAP appeal letter

To make it easier, you can use some tips below to write the SAP appeal letter format. Here are some tips that can be applied:

  • Apply the enthusiastic and professional tone to write the letter
  • Remember to write this letter clearly and concisely and avoiding any ambiguities words or sentences on the letter
  • Like another professional letter, this letter also need to write in 11 to 12 font size
  • Proofread and revise any spelling, grammar, or formatting error before you send the letter

The SAP appeal letter sample 

Moreover, if you are confused to write this letter, you can read the SAP appeal letter sample below that will facilitate and guide you as a reference in writing the letter. Here is the sample:

Dear Dr. Collin 

I was involved in a serious car accident on July 23, 2010, just after classes began. I suffered trauma on my head and broken some ribs. Although the doctor tried to save me, I eventually had to have surgery. I attended the class for the first week of school. My accident was the following weekend and I have missed for 4 weeks of classes. After returning to the class this weekend, I will find that I am grossly behind and will receive numerous zeroes on work I was unable to return. 

My professors have agreed to let me go back and complete the assignment that I cannot turn in on time. I also catch up on all the reading I missed and have a deadline coming up that I must take the test.

I have attached a note from the hospital bill and proof that I am registered for tutoring. Please allow me to continue the classes and accept my SAP appeal. Thank you very much for your consideration. 


Jack Wilshere 

With those ideas, your SAP appeal letter will be easily understood and you will be allowed to do not come to the college. All you need is writing it properly and clearly to make it easy to read.


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