No-show Appointment Letter and Its Sample

A missed appointment is very costly especially for a dental or medical provider and even the patient. In this case, a no-show appointment letter is used as a reminder to the patients of the importance of keeping appointments. Now, let’s discuss it further here!

How to Make a No-show Appointment Letter

Creating such a letter should be done carefully. Here are detailed steps you will need to do:

  • To begin this letter, you will have to acknowledge the one as a valued patient.
  • After that, you will also need to include a fee forgiveness fee for a long-time patient or a fee of no-show for a habitual offender.
  • Then, you must tell that person about the real facts.
  • Next, it is also a must to explain the charge for the no-show appointment.
  • In the closing paragraph, you should include your contact information to let him/her contact you.
  • To end the letter, you should write your name and sign off the letter.

Tips for Creating a No-show Appointment Letter

This kind of letter has to be created properly. Make sure that you consider the following tips:

  • First, this kind of letter has to follow the rules and format.
  • Besides that, you have to offer the patient to reschedule the appointment.
  • Then, paying attention to grammar & spelling is also very important.
  • In addition, you are also required to avoid ambiguous and informal words.
  • You must also tell the truth.
  • Moreover, you should give the explanation about the charge because he/she didn’t meet the scheduled appointment.
  • You also have to keep it simple, concise, and easy to understand.
  • Before sending it, it requires to be proofreader.

No-show Appointment Letter Sample

Now, let’s pay attention to the following example:

Dear Mrs. Gandy,

Sincerely, I hope that you are very well. Thank you very much for choosing me as the provider of your medical care. You are a valued patient. I notice that you missed your appointment scheduled on October 31st, 2020 at 08.00 a.m. Because this is your first no-show appointment, you won’t be charged. The normal charge for a missed appointment is $75. However, I want to hear from you directly.

As you know, I dedicate my time to treat many patients. If someone misses appointment with me, it means a wasting time because a patient care is missed. That is why we charge anyone who misses appointments with me.

We understand that not all patients can meet appointments because of various reasons. However, you should call our office first if you want to cancel an appointment. The cancellation should be within 24 hours.

Still, I will always provide you the best care. If you feel that you don’t need medical care anymore, please tell me via phone at (111)-111-1111. Thank you very much for your understanding.


Dr. Richards

Hill Medical Clinic

That is all about a no-show appointment letter. If you have a patient who didn’t meet an appointment with you, you can also write such a letter by following the sample above.


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