Teacher recommendation letter and its easy sample 

Writing a recommendation letter is a common requirement for an individual especially when they want to apply for a position in academia. If you want to be a teacher and you have a friend to work with, you can create the Teacher recommendation letter that will help you to get the job suitable for your need in the academic environment.

Moreover, if you are asked to write a letter of recommendation for a teacher, you also need to advance in the hiring process. This idea will be helpful if you can follow the relevant information about the candidate that will give the best possible impact. To make it easier, you can follow some ways below.

How to create a Teacher recommendation letter easily 

You can make this Teacher recommendation letter form without any difficulties if you understand the ways or steps. Although you have the template, you also need to understand what should you edit and customize to convince the readers. Therefore, you need to follow some ways below to make it easier.

  • Select the professional format and you need to select suitable for your position as a teacher
  • You also need to state your qualification by explaining your current role and qualifications
  • Tailor your recommendation letter for the teacher to the position in question
  • You have to highlight your skills, traits, and accomplishment
  • You can give specific examples of your skills and abilities
  • Give the contact information so that people can contact your number to interview

Tips to create a Teacher recommendation letter 

Besides, you also need some tips to make your Teacher recommendation letter template idea easily understandable. You can follow the following tips below that will help you to make a great recommendation letter.

  • Include the specific information such as your name, address, date, recipient name, and address, and so forth
  • Provide more credibility to your thoughts on how that person has grown and developed
  • Create a relevant recommendation to highlight the skills
  • Include the details like the teacher’s compassion, organization, or creativity

The sample of Teacher recommendation letter 

To make it easy to arrange the letter, you can follow this Teacher recommendation letter sample. Here is the sample of the letter.

Mary Jane

124 Main Street, Any Town, CA 124568

(888)456 7789


Michael Lowe 

Happy Elementary School headmaster 

I highly recommend Michael Johnson as a candidate for the position of fourth-grade lead teacher at your school. As the principle of ABC Elementary School, I have had the pleasure of working with Michael for the past ten years. He has a driven, organized teacher that can develop an inspiring relationship with his student. 

Michael always drives to develop his skills as a teacher. He also eagerly took up extra responsibilities such as advisor of the school newspaper and he was also a member of our curriculum committee. 

 Michael has a wonderful rapport with people of all ages, especially with children. His ability to connect with his student and his talent to teach is impressive with a simple concept. 

Michael also accomplishes all the tasks with great initiative and in a positive manner. Therefore, I recommend Michael to you without reservation. If you have any further questions about his background or qualification, please contact me without hesitation.


Mary Jane

Marry Jane


ABC Elementary School 

Those are the tips and samples to create a Teacher recommendation letter. It is very easy if you really understand this letter as well.



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