FMLA termination letter and the sample 

An FMLA termination letter is one of the formal letters which is sent because of a certain condition. This letter is an abbreviation of the Family and Medical Leave Act which provides the employee up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave during a 12 month period.

What is the law of the FMLA termination letter?

This letter has law sources that will apply for eligible employees. With this letter, an employee will not fire but they can take action to protect the company’s interest if the employee refuses to return for work after 12 week period through the FMLA termination letter template.

What should I include in the FMLA termination letter?

To write this letter, you need to think about the role of the letter as well. The most important that should be included in this letter is that you have to write the reason for the termination and the date of the termination along with the information.

How to create an FMLA termination letter?

You can write a proper FMLA termination letter format if you understand the step to write the letter. Here are some of the steps that should be followed.

  • In this letter, you need to explain why you want to leave the job and what kind of illness you have or your family member has
  • You also can demonstrate the legitimate and nondiscriminatory business reason for terminating the employee
  • You have to be mindful of the timing of a termination

Tips to write an FMLA termination letter

Furthermore, you also can use some tips below that will help you to arrange the proper FMLA termination letter design without any difficulties.

  • Pay attention to the reason why you write the termination and the date of termination
  • You also can write the information related to pay and benefits the employee

The sample of FMLA termination letter

Besides, you also will need an FMLA termination letter sample because it will lead you to write a proper letter. Here is the sample:

Dear Ms. Angel, 

This letter will concern your leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act. Please read the letter well because your leave under FLMA is set to expire on August 10, 2011. According to the company policy, you have to inform the company of your intent to return for work within 2 weeks of FLMA expiration. Besides, we also will need documentation from your health care provider that will state that you are clear to return. 

I know that you requested leave to deal with the situation and unexpected medical illness. I hope you are recovering from the illness faster. If your recuperation will take longer than expected, I need you to notify me as soon as possible. If you cannot return for work, you probably resign from the organization. 

I must hear from you within 5 days of your FMLA expiration date. At this point, you need to pass the notification deadline noted in the company. Please call me at 555-999-9903 before August 5, 2011.

Sincerely, I wish to hear from you soon. I look forward to returning.



David Carol 

Mr. David Carol

Human Resource Director 

Automatic Building Supply 

That is all about the FMLA termination letter. You can write this letter properly when you understand it as well.



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