CEO recommendation letter and its sample 

A CEO is a chief executive officer or a top leader of any company. Therefore, you need to write a great CEO recommendation letter that will ensure the readers about the quality of the CEO. Since the CEO has an important role in the company, you need to arrange it properly to make the readers understand and be convinced about the candidate.

Like another recommendation letter, this CEO recommendation letter template should be written by another respected CEO or someone in a high-level administrative position in any company or corporation. Because of that, you have to pay attention to the content of the letter well.

How to write a CEO recommendation letter interesting 

If you have never written this CEO recommendation letter idea, you can follow some steps below that will help you to arrange the best recommendation letter without any difficulties. The steps are:

  • Keep a record of your current and past employees, interns, or trainees to ensure the readers about your people recommendation
  • Understanding the important component of a recommendation letter
  • Arrange a list of the individual’s characteristic and skills
  • Write the recommendation letter and apply a printable CEO recommendation letter
  • Remember to proofread after you finished writing the letter

Tips to arrange the CEO recommendation letter

Besides, you also will need some tips below to make a great CEO recommendation letter form. Therefore, you need to follow some tips below that will help you to make a great letter.

  • Write an accurate CEO recommendation letter by starting with understanding who the letter is.
  • Make sure that your letter is taken seriously by the hiring manager. You also can include an explanation of your relationship with the person you are recommending.
  • Write an accurate list of the individual’s qualifications and skills
  • Avoid any ambiguities words or sentences on the template

The CEO recommendation letter samples 

Furthermore, to facilitate your writing the best recommendation letter, you can read the CEO recommendation letter sample below that will guide you to write the proper letter.

 Dear Chairman of Orange Incorporated 

It is with a great sense of pride that I recommend Tony Henderson for the position of CEO with your organization. For many years, Tony was our managing director and his performance was excellent. After a few years, we suspected that Tony required advancement that we cannot offer him. Therefore, I write you this letter with nothing but it is an admiration for Tony and his abilities. 

Tony’s management style is impressive and he is a very hands-on administrator. To be a CEO, he has all of the traits you need. You also can expand into new business territory because Tony is fearless in his business approach. His instinct is also awesome. 

Everyone in the company has respect and admiration for Tony. He helped to turn our little company into an industry powerhouse and he can manage to do it when he makes a friend in the industry. With his ability, Tony will be a great CEO in your company and he will bring your organization to success. 

We are sad to see Tony go but we will be excited about his future. if you need more information, you can call me at 666-998-987 or email me at



Donny V. Beek 

Owner Green Corporation 

That is the sample for writing your CEO recommendation letter. It is not too difficult if you really understand the recommendation as well.


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