Doctor Recommendation Letter and Its Sample

A doctor’s recommendation letter substantively is similar to the common recommendation letter. This letter in common is written by a supervising physician, as a person who has a right to make it. They could write this letter and send it to the director of the hospital.

As its name, this letter is written to give some recommendations for the doctor that has great dedication and capability to have a better job in a better place. Of course, this letter will be an extraordinary consideration that could influence the mind of the director.

Some Tips to Write Doctor Recommendation Letter

Substantively, a recommendation letter isn’t a formal letter. The message can be forwarded using a simple sentence and the letter doesn’t need a specific format. However, since it for a professional job, the letter should be written professionally too.

These are some tips to be considered before you make this recommendation letter. Some tips will help you to create a good letter and avoid doing some mistakes.

The tips are:

  • Find some templates and samples of the doctor recommendation letter to see its format
  • Write the clear statements and reasons why you give the recommendation
  • Use a simple sentence and pay attention to the grammar
  • Avoid using unfamiliar terminology and ambiguous words
  • Give chance for discussion

Sample of Doctor Recommendation Letter

There is a sample of the doctor’s recommendation letter that can be your reference. This sample is written by a chief of psychiatry and give another psychiatrist to have a better position with more challenging details.

Read the sample below.

Dear Mr. Jeremy

I am writing this letter to give such as a recommendation for my staff, Dr. Jonson, who has served Yami Community Hospital with his best skills and professionalism for around a decade. He has shown expertise in both clinical aspects of his position and administrative.

Besides, he also a person who will take responsibility for handling the whole job when I am unable. I am quite confident that he has the skill sets that you need to improve the running of your laboratory and increase the quality of the whole services.

Some times ago, we renewed the systems inside the laboratory and Dr. Jonson played a very significant role. He helped us to look for the best staff and manage internal needs. We are very lucky to have him on our team but the position in your laboratory is better for Dr. Jonson.

With all of his skills, professionalism, and current achievements, I recommend Dr. Jonson to fulfill the professional staff that you now need for your laboratory. I am happy to discuss with you about Dr. Jonson and his experiences. Please feel free to contact me or send me some messages. Thank you for your attention and consideration.


Dr. Thomas

The sample as above is quite simple. You may see how the writer states the reason for the recommendation. Well, all you need to do in making a doctor’s recommendation letter is showing a clear fact and reason, so it can be a consideration by the receiver to apply your recommendation.


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