Rescind Resignation Letter for Getting Back Jobs

Workers can send a letter of resignation when they have another plan for their future. However, when the condition change and you think that you need to get back your current job, making the rescind resignation letter is what you need to do.

The rescind resignation letter is a document that you may send to the company management. The purpose of this letter is to state the arguments and reasons why your decision to leave from the current job is wrong.

Some companies still provide access for their employees to send this kind of letter. However, there should be a strong detailed argument to get back the manager’s attention. That is why keeping the message professional is a must.

Tips to Write a Good Rescind Resignation Letter

It can be said that a rescind resignation letter is a serious letter that you need to make carefully. The content of this letter will influence the position of your job. That is why considering some tips in creating this letter is essential.

Some tips to be considered when you want to make a good rescind resignation letter are:

  • Find a good format of the rescind resignation letter by seeing some templates
  • Avoid copying the generic letter
  • Write the letter with good grammar and formal word options
  • Keep it concise and focus on the points of your letter
  • State your arguments clearly that could answer why you still need your job
  • Legalize the letter by adding your signature and name

Sample of Rescind Resignation Letter

To ease you in writing a rescind resignation letter and send it to your manager, there is a sample of it that can be your reference. By reading the sample, you could know what to state inside this letter and how to show your arguments.

Read the sample of the rescind resignation letter below.

Dear Mr. Blake

Through this letter, I am sending my rescind of my resignation from my position as an administrator at Well Home Company, which I sent to your desk on July 17, 2011. My plans to move to another position in a different company have suddenly fallen. That is why I would like to request that I may continue my previous work in your company as usual.

I truly hope that this cause doesn’t erase the chance to get my job back. Besides, I also hope that the integrity of me in the previous job can be the consideration.

I would also remind you that two months ago I got the winner of the employee award inside the company. It can be evidence that substantively, I do my job maximally and I always finish it based on the deadline. Of course, when I have a new chance to sit at my desk, I will continue my excellences.  

I have enjoyed my time working at your company. Hopefully, this letter can erase my previous fault. I hope to meet you soon to discuss the possibilities. Thank you for your attention.



That is all about the rescind resignation letter. Remember, you need to find a great argument to strengthen your position!



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