Paternity leave letter and the sample 

When you talk about taking leaves for the job, you need to write a great Paternity leave letter for your employer to keep the baby in your house well. This letter is usually written in a short format by a male employee that will highlight the significance of the parent being around the child so that you need to write it properly.

You need to write this letter properly that will convince the employee to depart the work for a little while. Therefore, you need some tips and steps to write a Paternity leave letter form to make it interesting to read. You also need to keep in mind to emphasize the medical emergencies of the hour.

How to write a Paternity leave letter 

You can write this letter, you can follow some steps below that will amaze the readers to read the letter. Some steps to writing this Paternity leave letter template is:

  • You need to select the proper template that is easy edited and customized so that it will be easier to arrange
  • You also can begin the letter with the reason why you are leaving the baby to make the employees keeping your baby well
  • Remember to plan on asking for the left through the early stage of pregnancy
  • Mention that you are available to resume work and make sure your town permits

The tips to write a Paternity leave letter 

Besides, you also need some tips below that will help you to guide you in making a great Paternity leave letter design. Here are some tips that can be applied:

  • Write the letter include a formally written and request for a specific number of weeks
  • Your letter should be written to the head of the company’s Human Resources department with plenty of time
  • You need to arrange this letter briefly to state the expectant father’s intentions in a formal with a concise writing style
  • Keep the letter short and to the point

The sample of the Paternity leave letter 

If you are confused to arrange this letter, you can read and see the Paternity leave letter sample below that will amaze you to write a proper letter as well.

Dear Ms. Rose William 

I hope you are doing fine.

The letter is about the leave application for paternity time as my wife is suitable for the date is almost here. Since it is our first baby, I need to stay by her side during the last phase of the pregnancy and for a few weeks post the coming baby.

As per company policy, I am allowed two months of paid paternity leave. I will be grateful if my leave between September 1 and October 1 are in sync with my chosen paternity leave. 

I did my responsibilities towards my existing project that is not postponed in my absence. Because of that, I will be accessible at 555-987 3452.

I am looking forward to your permission for this leave as soon as possible.



Tom Jarvis 

With this sample, you will be easier to write a Paternity leave letter suitable for your needs. You should not worry about the way you are leaving the job because of the newborn.


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