Field trip permission letter and the sample

A Field trip permission letter is essential for you to create because this letter will inform the parent about the activities on the field trip. With this idea, the students will get permission from the parents or guardians before taking a field trip for the class. Therefore, you need to write it properly.

To make this letter interesting, you need to understand well about the letter. The Field trip permission letter template will be interesting if you can combine it with the permission slip. This idea will make the student easily to give a single piece of letter. If you are confused you can follow some steps below to make it great.

How to create a Field trip permission letter 

You should not worry if you never write this letter or this letter is the first task for you. You can select the best Field trip permission letter form and follow some ideas below.

  • Choose the proper template for your field trip permission
  • You need to start by answering the question relating to who, what, when, where, why and how of your activity
  • You also can provide a blank and say that “I the undersigned give my permission to my child, (….) to attend the field trip with, (…)
  • You can give the parent’s number as well as an alternate emergency contact number
  • Include the parent’s signature

Tips to make a Field trip permission letter 

Furthermore, you also will need some tips to arrange this Field trip permission letter idea. Some tips that should be followed are:

  • Exposed a blank word processor document and continue on to type the school’s name as well as the contact information on the top of the page
  • Type the day and date on the proper position
  • Proceed on to type ‘dear parents’ on the left of the page
  • Remember to explain the purpose of this permission letter
  • You also need to include the essential details in the next paragraph

The Field trip permission letter sample 

To ensure you create this letter, you can follow this Field trip permission letter sample that will lead you to arrange the proper letter. Here is the sample of this letter.

Dear parents

On behalf of Kite Middle School, I am writing you to seek permission, especially for your child to take part in a class field trip to the Pizza Hut factory in Washington, Missouri the next Saturday which is the 30th of this month. In this event, we will leave at nine o’clock in the morning.

The school also has informed me that this field trip will involve one short stop at Washington Shopping Center. Please make sure your children have sufficient lunch money with him/ her to eat at this stop. If you have any concerns about your kids taking part in this field trip or I have failed to cover something, please contact me.

If you are willing to consent to this trip, please sign the consent form found below. if you have any questions about liabilities, you also can contact me at my number found above or contact the school office at (999) 3346 787.



Mr. John

9th-grade teacher

Kite Middle School 

That is the sample for your Field trip permission letter. This sample will help you very much because of the way you write the letter.


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