Volunteer Recommendation Letter for A Better Organization

In common, some organizations will consider the recommendation letter before they accept a new volunteer. Well, it is quite common because the volunteer recommendation letter can be evidence that the volunteer who is recommended is skillful and could cover the needs of the organization.

When you have a friend that you think she or he capable to be the volunteer as the needs of the organization, you could make a recommendation letter. Of course, this letter will be the consideration by the organization recruiter and it will help your friend in the selection process.

Here, we will talk about some details of it through these paragraphs.

Tips to Make Volunteer Recommendation Letter

It can be said that the recommendation letter is an important document for the selected volunteer. With this letter, you could show some considerations and reasons why your friend can be the best volunteer.

To make a good recommendation letter, these are some tips that will guide you. The tips to be considered are:

  • Find a good template to know the format of the recommendation letter for volunteer
  • Write the detailed reason why you make the recommendation
  • State the abilities and experiences of the person that you recommend
  • Write in a formal writing style
  • Use simple and easy to understood words
  • Avoid using ambiguous words

Sample of Volunteer Recommendation Letter

To make a good recommendation letter for a volunteer, we have a sample of it to be considered. The sample here will be useful to be a reference. Of course, by reading the sample, you will know how to make it and what information should be added there.

Read the following sample of the recommendation letter below.

Dear Mrs. Jessica

It is my honor to recommend one of the best and most dedicated volunteers in the Max Heart Association. Evelyn has more determination, energy, and dedication than anyone I have worked with. We have raised the amount of fundraising and we found many interesting ideas to get more profit.

She was also multi-talent that could handle kinds of work maximally. Besides, here dedication cannot be asked. She always fulfills her commitment and responsibilities. When she did a mistake, she will fix it and made sure that everything will follow the standard.

With the experiences and abilities that she has, I am sure that Evelyn is the best figure to fulfill the need of the volunteer in your agency. Of course, the additional thought of Evelyn will deliver some changes there.

Besides, joining with your agency is better for Evelyn. She could express her capabilities and increase her abilities.

I am glad when you accept this recommendation. If you have any questions about Evelyn, you may contact me through electronic mail or phone. Hopefully, you could answer this letter soon. Thank you for your attention.



From the sample of the volunteer recommendation letter above, we may see that this letter can be shaped personally. However, the wording should be formal and there are also some statements and clear reasons for the recommendation. Hopefully, it will be useful for you all.



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