Physician retirement letter and the sample

A Physician retirement letter is one of the important letters if you want to retire as a physician. This letter is an opportunity that will notify the patients of your retirement and thank them for allowing you to tend to medical needs. Therefore, you need to arrange this letter properly to make it easy to read.

As you know that a physician usually holds a position of trust so that you need to send this Physician retirement letter document in a timely fashion. Moreover, you should not worry if you have no experience to write this letter because you can read some tips and sample that will guide you to arrange the proper one.

How to create a Physician retirement letter  

To create this retirement letter is not too difficult if you understand the function of the Physician retirement letter template. You can follow the steps to create the letter below that will guide you as well.

  • You need to begin to get the basic information of the patients to make sure that it ends up in the hands of the proper person
  • Besides, you also need to write the basic information about the physician where you need to provide the complete name as well as your job title
  • Your letter also needs to show the information regarding the replacement physician so that you can provide the education information of the replacement physician
  • Write your contact details and send it with your signature

The tips to create a Physician retirement letter

Furthermore, your letter also will be great if you apply some tips below to make your letter great. Here are some of the tips to follow in writing the letter.

  • Keep your letter in a tone friendly and professional
  • You also need to make sure saying thank you to the patients
  • You should not express any negativity in the letter
  • Proofread the letter if you have finished writing this retirement letter

The Physician retirement letter sample 

To facilitate your understanding of the Physician retirement letter format, you can follow the sample below. You can read and edit suitable for your retirement needs.


Dear patients, 

I was happy to care for you and your families for some years. With a lot of happiness and some sadness, I am writing this letter to let you understand my intention to retire. My last day with Healthy Family Practice will be on July 20, 2017. I highly recommend that you select one of these physicians in the country. In this way, you can review the bios of all of our staff by visiting our website at

Your medical records are personal and will remain on file with Healthy Family Practice. Therefore, if you choose another physician within our organization, you do not need to take any action to concern your records.

It has been an outstanding feeling to meet and care for you all. I honestly appreciate your friendship and loyalty. I wish you will continue your good health and all the best in the future. 



Sergio J. Martinez 

Dr. Sergio Josep Martinez, M.D 

Healthy Family Practice 

Telephone (666) 786 7345

This Physician retirement letter sample is easy to follow. Because of that, you should not worry to write the Physician retirement letter even if you never wrote it before.







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