Congratulations On Your Promotion Letter and Template Example

When you are senior partnerand your senior apprentice just got his promotion, it is only right for you to congratulate him. You don’t always have to say it in person. Sending congratulation son your promotion letter would do just fine. Promotion congratulatory letter making is not that difficult to do either, you see.

How to Make Congratulations On Your Promotion Letter

Just because it is for someone below you, you can’t be so casual about it. Senior to apprentice congratulation letter must be treated as something formal in the workplace. If you have never made this before, let’s learn how to make it through the steps below. You are guaranteed to do well with this guide.

  • Address the name of the recipient
  • State the purpose of your letter
  • Acknowledge his achievement
  • Mention how he is worth for the promotion
  • Offer him good wishes in his new position
  • Leave contact information
  • Congratulate him one last time

Tips to Create Congratulations On Your Promotion Letter

Now, let’s get down with the tips below. The procedure alone won’t be enough to help you make the best for the needs. Formal promotion congratulatory letterneeds some tips to get further into the details here. Let’s see what must be done to make it. Be sure to keep every one of them in mind when you write one.

  • Focus on the individual’s contributions
  • Keep it to the point and honest
  • Include solid facts only
  • No fluff content allowed
  • No anything informal

Congratulations On Your Promotion Letter Sample

We are done with the procedure and the tips. All that’s left is the sample itself below. Apprentice promotion congratulation letter can be short or long depending on the individual’s achievements to include within. Let’s see how this congratulation son your promotion letter looks like in this opportunity.

Dear Ms. Vinsleigh,

With this letter, I would like to express my congratulation on your promotion in Lockwell Company. I acknowledge your richcontributions for the company. Thus, I found you deserve new position to further utilize your abilities. Without doubt, you have been a great help with all your hard work and commitment.

It is definitely thanks to you that the company has gone to the direction for the better. You have led your team to make the best plans to get the company to this point. It proves enough that you and no one else are worthy of better position. You’re good at dealing with clients and punctual when getting reports ready.

With the best plans to make, you make sure to boost the company’s benefit. You even took care in every little detail and I hope you will still keep it up in the future. If you have questions regarding the position, you can contact me at (555)-765-5890. I wish you the best in this new position in the Lockwell Company.

I believe that I make the right decision to promote you. Again, congratulation on getting promoted. It has always been a great pleasure to have you with us and work together to improveLockwell for the better.

With Regards,

Roger Deon

Roger F. Deon, PA

Senior Partner

Lockwell Company



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