College Application Letter and Its Sample

The college application letter is an important document that is written by a student who likes to enroll in a specific university or college. Through a well-written application letter, the student will have a better and larger chance to get into the college that they want.

Of course, the good college application letter should highlight some details, such as academic records, athletic, community services, extracurricular, and others. With a clear explanation, the committee can consider this letter to help you pass the competitive selection process inside the college.

Tips to Make College Application Letter

It can be said that the college application letter will be the first effort of you to get the college that you want. That is why you need to push yourself to make a good application letter.

To help you create a good college application letter, these are some tips that you could follow. Some tips will avoid you creating a wrong letter that maybe can cause a failure in selection.

The tips to be considered are:

  • Finding the right format of the college application letter through some templates
  • Write the clear basic information of you
  • State the reasons why you are capable to be selected as the new student
  • Make a clear sentence and statement using the right word option
  • Legalize the letter with signature and a clear name

Sample of College Application Letter

The sample can be a reference and guide for you to make a good college application letter. Read the sample and learn how to formulate this letter. Besides, you also may learn about the wording options that are used there.

Read the whole sample of the college application letter here.

Dear Admission Department,

Around two months ago, I attended a tour of the Red League University. I was very impressed with the campus condition and the friendly staff. I am also glad about the reputation of this university, especially because of the outstanding academic achievement.

After reading some reviews and more detailed information, I realized that Red League University is the college of my dream. I want to extend my knowledge to reach my goals as a teacher.

I currently stay in a senior high school. This spring, I will graduate from the school with the highest honors and a 3.85 GPA. I am an active member of the Beta Club and National Honor Society. I won first place in Mind Competition when I was in the 10th grade.

Then, I won the gold medal of UIL for poetry interpretation. I also award-winning of the concert band, a member of the volleyball team, a member of the English Club, and a member of the French Literary.

With all matters that I have, I hope it can be a helper for me to reach my dream to be a college student at Red League University. I believe that this university will help me maximally to reach my goals. I look forward to hearing good news from you soon. Thank you.


Anna Hill

The sample of the college application letter above is quite simple. All you need to do is making sure the administrator with your current achievements.


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