Admission Appeal Letter for Better Consideration

When your application has been rejected by the admission, writing an appeal letter can be a good idea to be done. Yes, the admission appeal letter is a document that will give you chances to argue with some facts that you have the capabilities to be applied.

Although this letter can be a good way to communicate with the college or university, you need to make sure that all information written inside the letter is right. You also need to include the original application number and add the best argument to stand on your fate that your application should be reconsidered.

Tips to Make a Good Admission Appeal Letter

The way you are writing the admission appeal letter will influence the result of it. That is why you need to be careful in writing it.

Here, we have some tips that can be your consideration to make a good appeal letter. Not only be a guide for you, but the tips also will help you to avoid doing some mistakes.

The tips to be considered are:

  • Find the template of the admission appeal letter to know its format
  • Write the detailed basic information of you, such as name, address, ID number, and others
  • Give reasonable arguments to keep your position
  • Write the appeal letter using formal wording option and sentence arrangement
  • Apply good grammar
  • Keep the letter brief and concise. It will be better to be written only a page

Sample of Admission Appeal Letter

We have a sample of the admission appeal letter that can be another reference for you. By reading the sample, of course, you will know what to be written inside this letter and how the arguments should be stated.

Read the following sample below.

Dear Mr. Tom

My name is Alex (application 98173) and through this letter, I would like to provide some updates information about my application as an effort to appeal the initial rejection for admission to Clara City University. I believe that the biggest reason why my application was rejected was the low SAT scores.

Unfortunately, on the day of the SAT, I had terrible flu. The result of the test doesn’t represent my capabilities because I did it in an unwell condition. Then, several days after it, I took the same test and I got a better score with some significant improvements.

The score of math was increased from 570 to 690, the verbal score became 660 from 560, and the score of my essay is 640 from 520. Of course, the new score changes the combination with the higher details.

Besides, I also organize the social organization in the school. I reach at least $10,991.98 to contribute to the social movement. As a result of the consistency, I won the award from some agencies.

With the things that I got, I believe that you could reconsider my rejection. Thank you for your attention.



That is all about the admission appeal letter that sometimes you need to make, especially to claim and update the needed information. Write the strong arguments inside the letter and get back the chance of the application that you send to the admission.


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