Assistant Professor Recommendation Letter and Its Sample

An assistant professor recommendation letter is written by a person working in the education field, usually on the college level. It may be created on behalf of someone desiring to be an assistant professor. However, many applicants have their doctoral degrees. Now, let’s discuss it further!

How to Make an Assistant Professor Recommendation Letter

It is very important to know step by step on how to write this kind of letter. It is challenging and not easy. So, you should follow these:

  • Firstly, you have to make a greet politely.
  • Secondly, you can straight to state that you recommend someone for an assistant professor.
  • After that, you need to explain why he/she is excellent to fulfill the position of an assistant professor. It may relate to his/her educational background, relevant working experience, skills, abilities, etc.
  • In last paragraph, do not forget to restate your recommendation.
  • Then, you should also include your contact details like phone and email.
  • Finally, you have to sign off the letter and write your name clearly.

Tips for Writing an Assistant Professor Recommendation Letter

There are some important and useful tips you will need to consider when you would like to write such a letter. Here are the guides and tips:

  • The most important thing is that you have to understand and follow the rules & format.
  • Besides that, you also have to clearly state your purpose where you recommend someone for an assistant professor.
  • Then, this letter must be specific, clear, and formal.
  • In addition, using good grammar is also a must.
  • One more, makes sure that it is addressed to the right recipient.

Assistant Professor Recommendation Letter Sample

Now, let’s pay attention to the following example:

Dear Dean Albertson,

I am pleased to recommend Sandra Arnold, for an assistant professor at Vegas University of Biological Sciences in the Cellular & Microbiology Department. Recently, she is my research assistant and I teach her advanced courses in cellular biology. I also help her with lab experiments for her thesis.

She is busy enough helping my research and working on her dissertation. However, she still has enough time to help another professor. She is one of my best students. That is why I believe that she will be a perfect one to help your job.

She is very good in performing presentation. She can also respond questions with satisfying answers & explanations. In simple words, she represents Vegas University in an impressive and professional manner. I am sure that she will deliver compelling lectures to all students and even do an excellent job of helping them with lab words & research papers.

She is passionate, talented, and perfect. So, she will be able to help you a lot. If you want to discuss it further, let’s arrange a meeting. Just call me at (111)-111-1111 or email me at


  1. William, Ph.D.

Department Chair, Microbiology University of Biological Sciences

Vegas University

That is all about an assistant professor recommendation letter. Now, it is your turn to create your own recommendation letter by following the steps, tips, and a sample above.


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