Child Custody Agreement Letter to Manage Conflicts

For the parents that get a divorce, the agreement about child custody is a very essential matter to be done. It is not only an agreement, but it is also a tool to avoid future conflict. That is why knowing about the child custody agreement letter is also important.

The purpose of this letter is to make the parents know about the custody time for the child. On another hand, this letter is also quite essential to make sure that the child will get the maximal custody and other things that they need in their growth.

Tips to Make Child Custody Agreement Letter

The child custody agreement letter is the formal letter and it also will be legalized. Of course, there is also a law to bind the letter up. Through this detail, the side that denies the agreement can be prosecuted in the name of the law.

Well, to make this letter, these are some tips to guide you. The tips that should be followed are:

  • Find the right format of the child custody agreement letter based on its template
  • Use a formal language option and writing style
  • Write clear information, especially about the points that should be agreed upon between the two parents
  • Avoid using ambiguous words

Sample of Child Custody Agreement Letter

The sample on the child custody agreement letter here can be another reference for you. It shows how the information about the custody agreement is arranged, especially about the agreement to be followed.

The sample is:

Dear Attorney Phillips,

Steven and I have discussed the child custody agreement regarding our beloved child Tasha age 11. We agree that it is very essential to make sure that Tasha will have a good life in her future.

We both are in agreement and we also agree to make it official. The agreements that we make are:

  • Sarah will continue to live with Tasha at the martial home and Sarah will handle the school of Tasha
  • Steven will have regular visitation every weekend from Friday at 6 pm to Sunday at 6 pm
  • If Steven wants to ask Tasha to have some vacation, he needs to notice Sarah at least 2 week before the schedule to avoid the conflicts of schedule
  • Visiting home outer the agreement can be discussed as long as there is a notification just to arrange the schedule and to avoid some conflicts

I trust you to put this agreement legal. Then, as you could see, there is a copy of the letter for Steven, so he can make some reviews and approve it. Thank you for your help.



Through the sample, you may see that this letter tells about what to be agreed between the two-divorced parents. Of course, the points of agreement can be different based on the result of the discussion.

That is all about the child custody agreement letter that you need to know. Make it clear to make sure that the child will still get the attention of the parents. Hopefully, it will be useful for you all.




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