Pastor Resignation Letter and Its Sample

At some points, for those who stay as a pastor, resigning from the position becomes an option to be chosen. The different ministry calling, the health condition, and others can be the reason why you ask for resigning. However, you need to make a pastor resignation letter to realize it.

The resignation letter is a document that is sent to explain the reason why you ask to leave your current position –in this condition is as a pastor. Of course, it is an important letter to be made as a way to get good permission and represent a good attitude and professionalism.

Tips to Make a Good Pastor Resignation Letter

Substantively, the pastor’s resignation letter is similar to the common resignation letter. However, when it goes to church management, the letter should be professional. These are some tips that can be the guide to make this letter.

Some tips to be considered are:

  • Find the template of the pastor resignation letter to know its format
  • Use a professional wording arrangement
  • Use good grammar
  • Arrange complete and clear reasons why you need to resign
  • Keep it simple and concise

Sample of Pastor Resignation Letter

To ease you in writing the pastor’s resignation letter, there is a sample that can be your reference. The sample here will make you know how to arrange the information and what to be included inside the letter.

Well, read the sample of the pastor’s resignation letter below.

Dear. Mr. Alex

Through this letter, I want to inform you about my resignation as a pastor in Green Church. The Lord gives me a new way to spread His love in Africa. I will attend the new church in Tanzania. I will be leaving for my new job on March 7, 2011, and my resignation will officially use on the same day.

I have been blessed to stay and serve in the church below your management several years ago. Of course, there are many irreplaceable memories and unforgettable moments there. However, reality gives the different things that I should face in the name of God.

During my leave, I recommend Pastor Jonathan as my replacement. He is a good man with high spirituality. I believe that he will be a good leader in this church and deliver some new matters to show a better service.

If you or the other member needs to contact me, I will be always available. You can reach me through phone or email. Besides, I also will try to give you my address after I stay in Tanzania, so our friendship will not be broken.

I look forward to hearing words from you. Thank you for your attention. Hopefully, the church below your management will be better day by day, as always, and spread more love for more people.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Mane

The sample of the pastor’s resignation letter above is quite simple. The letter can be made personally but the used words inside the letter should be formal. Besides, you need to legalize the letter by adding the signature and clear name.


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