Academic Suspension Appeal Letter and Template

If you ever get suspended when studying in colleges, you will still get the chance to ask for re-admittance. For that though, you will need academic suspension appeal letter. To put it simply, student suspension appeal letter works to ask for apology and permission. You need to learn how to make it in proper manner.

How to Make Academic Suspension Appeal Letter

We will have to dive deep in the letter format when learning how to make college suspension appeal letter. We will show you the way step by step, so make sure to follow what’s directed so you don’t miss anything or make mistake here. Only then, you can make the best appeal letter to get you admitted again.

  • Address the name of the recipient
  • Admit your mistake and ask for reconsideration
  • State your reason by mentioning your problem
  • Explain how it affects your academic progress
  • Tell that you are repenting your error
  • Ask for opportunity to make it right
  • Put closing remark and your name.

Tips to Create Academic Suspension Appeal Letter

You might have gotten yourself academic suspension appeal format for the letter through the procedure above. However, you will still need some tips to make better letter. We have some here for you to know of. So, we’ll have them listed one by one to keep in mind when you make the letter yourself for the needs.

  • Outline your reason for poor academic
  • Be clear and honest with your explanation
  • Say that you will take responsibility for your mistake
  • Don’t blame the situation and even people around you
  • Find the recipient of appeal letter in your university
  • Hand the letter personally
  • Attack other documents necessary

Academic Suspension Appeal Letter Example

Now that you have learnt how to make this appeal letter, let’s give the example a look before you actually make one. You need to get proper look of academic appeal letter example to make proper letter. Otherwise, you won’t know where you are going here. So, let’s see this academic suspension appeal letter.

Dear Dr. Harleyy,

With great humility, I admit my past mistakes and request reconsideration regarding my suspension from California University.My family has always been struggling financially even before I entered the university. Despite that, my parents made the effort to get me in and hope for the best that I would do well in college.

I did take the scholarship program and has been benefitting so much from its help. Yet, due to personal reason, I let myself depressed and refrain from coming to classes.It proves to be the grave error on my part. I fell behind and poorly scored in performance. Everythingbecomes out of hand before I realize it.

I am reflecting on my mistakes and definitely learn my lesson. I promises that I will make good use of all the help from the college andthe programs it offers to get me back on track and graduate when the time comes. Please kindly give me the chance to prove it true. I am forever grateful for considering my request.


Ian Artforth

Ian D. Artforth



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