Nurse Recommendation Letter and Its Sample

The nurse recommendation letter is an appeal letter that is written to give chance for a nurse to get a better job in a better place. This letter is often written by a physician –as a person that has a right to make it. However, the hospital administrator or even the satisfied patient also could make it.

When a nurse becomes the object of this letter, the hospital administrators or the directors will consider their position and give a promotion. In common, a nurse will be placed in a larger healthcare facility as an appreciation for their best dedication.

Tips to Make Nurse Recommendation Letter

Substantively, the recommendation letter is not a formal letter with an exclusive format. It means, you –who want to make it, could write this letter with your style. However, since the receiver of this letter is an important person in the hospital, the details of the letter should be considered.

When you write a good recommendation, of course, your appeal can be applied. Here, some tips can be a guide to make a good recommendation letter for a nurse.

  • Look for a template of the recommendation letter to find some references
  • Use a formal writing style and make simple sentences
  • State a clear reason why you make a recommendation
  • Tell your experience with the nurse when it is needed
  • Legalize the letter with your signature and name

Sample of Nurse Recommendation Letter

To help you make a good recommendation letter for the nurse, we have a sample of it. The sample, of course, also can be a guide for you. You may see the wording options and the arrangement of the letter information.

The sample letter is:

Dear Dr. Paul

Through this letter, I fully endorse that Amy Chan is the best candidate to be the next prenatal nurse for the Red Wood Hospital. I worked side by side with her for years. I could tell you that Amy is a strong woman with high intelligence. She also has great dedication and loves her job much.

Every time I see Amy in working, she always finished her job maximally. Of course, she also had a great responsibility to handle the patients with care.

Amy spends a great working time in my nursery but becoming the prenatal nurse in your hospital, of course, is better. She will have a better career there and I am sure that her dedication and capability will give you more profits.

I am also sure that the experiences of Amy in nursing will be very useful to be the role model of the new nurses in your hospital. She has enough education that becomes the base of her open-mind.

Thank you for considering this recommendation letter. When you need more details about Amy as another consideration, you can send me messages.


Dr. Benjamin

We may see through the sample of the nurse recommendation letter above if this letter is not a formal letter with its format. However, there should be a strong reason and fact to be the consideration of why your recommendation is important.


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