EDD Appeal Letter and Its Sample

An EDD appeal letter aims to ask the Employment Development Department in order to reconsider a decision denying person unemployment benefits. Typically, this letter includes evidence that supports the request for a reconsideration of the decision. Now, let’s discuss it further here!

How to Make an EDD Appeal Letter

This kind of letter has its own format. So, you have to write it carefully. In writing this letter, there are a few steps you will need to follow:

  • Firstly, you have to include the date the decision was made.
  • Secondly, you should include the name & social security number of the one who has been denied unemployment benefits.
  • Thirdly, you also need to include the names of supervisors or co-workers who want to testify in a hearing in support of the one appealing the decision.
  • After that, you must also explain the action appealed clearly.
  • Then, you are required to explain why the one appealing believes that the decision is not correct.

Tips for Writing an EDD Appeal Letter

Writing such a letter must be done carefully. If you want to write this kind of letter, make sure that you consider the following guides and tips:

  • First, this letter has to follow the proper format.
  • Besides that, you also have to include all the needed information.
  • Then, you should use good grammar.
  • In addition, this letter must be professional & in no way combative.
  • Furthermore, it is very important to keep it simple and concise.
  • Moreover, you also need to avoid ambiguous sentences.

EDD Appeal Letter Sample

It is important to pay attention to the following sample. You can use it as your reference to create your own appeal letter.

Dear Adjudicator Albert,

I am writing this to appeal the EDD decision made on October 20th, 2020 related to my disqualification for unemployment benefits. Through this letter, I appreciate this chance to provide details that hopefully will reserve the decision where I am disqualified from getting the benefits.

I was terminated from my position at Joy Stick Company because I viewed my Instagram during work hours. As we all know, employees are allowed to view social media during breaks or lunch hours. Employees who view social media for personal use during the hours will be fired based on the supervisor’s discretion. For your information, I viewed my Instagram during the lunch hour. I think it is a mistake if I was fired because I viewed my Instagram at work.

This mistake must be straightened soon. Please reconsider your decision for the denial of unemployment benefits for this case. To arrange a meeting, just call me at (111)-111-111 or send an email to tiffany@gmail.com.

Respectfully submitted,

Mrs. Tiffany

That is all about an EDD appeal letter. This kind of letter is very important to ask to reconsider the EDD decision that denies the unemployment benefits. So, it must be written carefully and professionally. You have seen the steps, tips, and a sample above. Hopefully, they can help you a lot.


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