Property Tax Appeal Letter and Its Sample

When residents of a city or county in the United States believe that their tax assessments are not correct, their property tax bills will be too high. So, they have the right to send a property tax appeal letter. This letter is sent to the proper representative & department who can handle appeals.

How to Make a Property Tax Appeal Letter

Writing this kind of letter should be done correctly. Below is the step by step you will need to do:

  • In the letter, you have to list discrepancies the homeowner believes to be a part of the assessment.
  • After that, you also need to include a list of the amount the listed assessor.
  • Then, you should also include the amount the homeowner believes the property to be worth.
  • Next, you must state the difference in the two figures. For your information, the difference is the amount to be deducted or added from the tax bill of the homeowner.

Tips for Creating a Property Tax Appeal Letter

It is challenging to write such a letter properly. So, you should consider the following important and useful tips:

  • This letter should use a proper format. So, you have to understand its format well.
  • Besides that, you must also use good spelling and grammar.
  • You also cannot use ambiguous and informal words.
  • In addition, you need to ensure that you include all the needed details.
  • Proofreading is required before you print and send the letter.

Property Tax Appeal Letter Sample

In this article, you will find an example of a letter for a property tax appeal. Let’s pay attention to the following sample:

Through this letter, I’m requesting you to reduce my property tax assessment by 11,000 dollars for these discrepancies.

Besides, I also ask you to consider a few structural defects on my home left off of the assessment that is conducted by your office. For your information, a crack has developed in my home’s foundation that diminishes its value by 5,000 dollars. At least, there is a house on my street which is comparable to mine. However, it was assessed at lesser value compared to my home.

For example, the house is at 321 Corn Street has my exact floor plan & was assessed at 200,000 dollars. On the other side, my house was assessed at 240,000 dollars. That is why I ask you to reduce my assessment by another 5,000 for the cracked foundation & another 17,000 to bring it in line with the house I compare.

In conclusion, I hope that my property tax assessment can be reconsidered. Then, you may also reduce the amount of the property taxes to be paid this year. I really appreciate and thank for your time & consideration. I’m available at (111)-111-1111.


Jackie C.

That is all about a property tax appeal letter. If you have the similar problem, it is time for you to write your own appeal. Hopefully, the guidelines and a sample above can help you a lot.


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