Babysitter Recommendation Letter and Its Sample

A babysitter recommendation letter substantively is similar to a common recommendation letter that you may found. This letter is written by an experienced babysitter based on the satisfied working of the past employer.

Through writing a recommendation letter, the experienced babysitter could give a chance for their friends or teams to get a new job. As we know, the purpose of this letter is to demonstrate the character of a person and their dependability to get a new application in developing the career.

Tips to Write Babysitter Recommendation Letter

Since a recommendation letter is used to promote and demonstrate the character of a person –in this case, is the babysitter, of course, you need to make a clear letter. The letter should have the power to influence the target reader, such as the prospective employer or others.

These are some tips that can be a guide when you want to make it. The tips are:

  • Find a template of the babysitter recommendation letter to know its format
  • Prepare the detailed information of the object of recommendation
  • Write a clear statement and reason why you make the recommendation
  • Use a formal and clear wording style
  • Avoid using too complicated sentences and ambiguous words

Sample of Babysitter Recommendation Letter

We have a sample of the babysitter recommendation letter that can be another reference for you. Of course, you also could learn about what to write inside it and how to arrange the detailed information.

Read the sample of this letter below.

Dear Mrs. Kate (prospective employer)

It was my pleasure to meet Susan as the babysitter of my three children several years ago. She always worked around 15 to 20 hours per week. I just feel that Susan could handle her responsibility as a babysitter well and she has a good passion for it.

Susan also always went above and beyond some calls of duty. The specific responsibility of her in my home is to feed the children, especially when I am leaving the home. However, many times, I see she did some jobs that substantively are out of her responsibilities.

I heard that you look for a new babysitter for your baby born. Well, with the capabilities of Susan, I am pretty sure that she is the babysitter that you need. With her experiences and a good attitude, Susan will be a good partner for you in taking care of the new baby.

Besides, now she is in a problem since she decides to continue her study. She needs a job to get more income. Well, I just want to help her finds a new job as an appreciation of what she did for my family.

When you need more information about Susan, please feel free to message me. Thank you for your attention.



Based on the sample above, the babysitter recommendation letter can be written personally. However, you still need to use a formal wording option, especially to deliver clear and detailed information and to build a professionalism sight. Read the sample and make your best recommendation letter!



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