Bereavement Leave Letter to Get Permission

When an employee faces the death of their family member, they will need some times to leave the office and stay in the middle of the family. However, the bereaved employee needs to make the bereavement leave letter to get permission from the management.

Something that you need to know, bereavement leave letter is an important document to be considered. This document can be a tool to communicate with the management about what happens inside the family. On another hand, it also could be a symbol of professionalism.

Tips to Make Bereavement Leave Letter

The bereavement leave letter can be made personally to be close to the management. However, since it is about the business relation, the writing style in making the letter should be formal. It means you need to use a formal expression in stating the information.

Besides, these are also some other tips to be considered when you want to make this kind of letter. The tips that should be known are:

  • Find a right and appropriate template of the bereavement leave letter to know its format
  • Use the formal wording option in writing the whole letter
  • State the information clear
  • Keep the letter concise and to the point
  • Make a letter only on a page to keep its readability

Sample of Bereavement Leave Letter

To maximize the result in making the bereavement leave letter, there is a sample that can be your reference. Through the sample, of course, you could know what to write inside this letter and how to arrange the detailed information there.

Read the sample of the bereavement leave letter below.

Dear Ms. Jean

Through this letter, I want to inform you of the unexpected passing of my grandfather today. I would like to formally request that you may permit me around 3 days of paid leave and 3 days of unpaid leave due to this condition.

I will be flying out tonight, May 1, 2012, and plan to be out of town to attend the funeral and some other agendas until May 8, 2012. I will try my best to rearrange my tasks when I return to the office. I appreciate your consideration to give me time around six days to be in the middle of my family.

I believe that before this time, I arrange my jobs well. That is why I confident that my absence will not make any mistake.

If you have any questions, especially about the jobs during my leave, you may send me a message. I will make an effort to answer all messages that you may send. Thank you for your attention and assistance during this time.



That is all about the bereavement leave letter that you need to know. You may find another reason to get more references.

Besides, inside the bereavement leave letter, make sure that you mention the right date of the absence. It will ease the management of the office to manage the whole jobs when you are leaving. Hopefully, it will be useful for you all.



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