Ministry Resignation Letter and Its Simple Sample

Becoming a church ministry is a big achievement for someone. However, it takes a huge commitment and effort. That is why sometimes the ministry resignation letter will be considered, especially for an individual that wants to add more focus for his family.

Sending the resignation letter can be a good idea to do. This letter is a formal document that could be made to show the reason why you –as the ministry, wants to leave your current job. Besides, the letter also shows the well-mannered way of stating.

What is a Ministry Resignation Letter?

In simpler, the detailed ministry resignation letter is a confirmation sent by the ministry of the church to the management stating that he –as the ministry wants to leave or resign from the current job. This letter in common consists of the name of the ministry, detailed reasons for resignation, and others.

What is the Setup of the Ministry Resignation Letter?

These are some points to be arranged in making a resignation letter. The points that should be included are:

  • Contact name and date
  • Salutation
  • Resignation statement
  • Reason for leaving
  • Help offer for transition
  • Gratitude expression
  • Closing and signature

Tips to Make a Good Ministry Resignation Letter

These are some tips that should be considered when making the ministry resignation letter. Some tips to consider are:

  • Keep the letter brief and simple. All information written inside the letter should only important information
  • Be positive and professional since the letter is also formal
  • Use the standard formatting of formal letter
  • State clear statement and reason for leaving, including the planning after leaving

Sample of Ministry Resignation Letter

To help you in creating the ministry resignation letter, there is a sample of it that can be your consideration. Read the following sample below.

Dear Mr. Thomas

Through this letter, I want to inform you that I am resigning from my current position as the ministry in the Grace of God Church. As you may know, I leave my hometown and move to Canada last month. It means that I cannot handle the agenda in the church because of the far distance.

My last day in the church ministry will be March 12, 2012. Through that detail, I ask your acceptance of this letter.

I truly hope that there is no member or other staff who are inconvenient because of my resignation. If my rule is still needed, I will be glad to help everything about this church based on my ability. I truly enjoy my work in the church but I also should realize my current position.

When you want to contact me for some deeper discussion, you could send me messages. I will be glad to answer your messages, especially about managing the church to be better than before. Thank you for your understanding.

Yours sincerely,


The sample of the ministry resignation letter above is quite simple. You may use it to get more inspiration when you want to send this kind of letter. However, please notice that you cannot send it in a hurry since the management also needs to talk about the replacement.



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