Solicited Application Letter and Its Sample

Usually, a company that opens a job vacancy will advertise it on their web or by taking an ad in a printed paper. A solicited application letter aims to get an interview. As it is a letter of introduction, you have to write it in a manner so that it can grab the attention of the hiring manager.

How to Make a Solicited Application Letter

Whether you are familiar with such a letter or not, you have to be able to create this kind of letter rightly. There are a few steps to follow to create it:

  • You can begin it with the specific advertised job position you are applying for.
  • Still in the first paragraph, you also need to state where you know about the job vacancy as well as why you think that you are the best candidate.
  • Entering to the body of the letter, you should give examples of how you will be able to help the company reach its goals with your education, skills, and experiences.
  • In the last, you have to make a concluding paragraph that consists of your contact info.
  • Here, you should also tanks the manager for his/her time & consideration.

Tips for Creating a Solicited Application Letter

Everyone can create such a letter but it requires you to consider some important tips to create a good one. Here are the tips you need to consider:

  • First, you have to make sure that you follow the rules & format.
  • Besides that, you also need to use good grammar.
  • In addition, you should avoid something ambiguous to keep it easy to understand.
  • Then, you must keep it simple & concise.
  • If needed, ensure that you attach supporting documents like a certificate, letter of recommendation, etc.
  • One more, this letter must be sent as soon as possible before the job opening is closed.

Solicited Application Letter Sample

Here, we will provide you an example of a simple application letter:

Dear Mr. Morris,

I am writing this to apply for the Content Manager position as you advertise on your company’s web. This opportunity is very appealing. I am sure that I have the needed qualifications to make a good contribution for your company.

I worked as a web communications manager for a few years. I successfully improved the visibility of the company with prospective customers. I designed certain product specification pages with built-in modules for color, size, & quantity options. I improved page views & improved the ranking of the company’s search engine to the first status. I employed various techniques like co-marketing strategies, keyword optimization, & strategic online advertisement placements.

I am sure that I am a good candidate for this position. I will greatly appreciate an interview. You can reach me at (111)-111-1111 or Thank you for your time & consideration.


Della Walker

After paying attention to the steps, tips, and a sample above, it is your turn to create a solicited application letter on your own. Make sure that you meet all the requirements before decide to write such a letter.


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