Counter Offer Job Letter and Its Sample

Negotiating the salary becomes an important thing to be done, especially during the interview. Of course, with this process, you could get the level of salary as you want to fulfill your need. The counter-offer job letter here can be a tool that you may apply in the negotiation process.

Substantively, the counter-offer job letter is not an official letter as an acceptance of the position. However, this letter can be another strategy, especially when you –as the new employee, is o the verge of the accepting. Of course, it also could be used to add more details that are needed.

Tips to Make a Good Counter Offer Job Letter

Although the counter-offer job letter is not an official letter, you still need to be careful in writing this letter. The combination of the format and writing strategies should be considered well.

We have several tips that can guide you to make a good counter-offer job letter. Some tips to consider are:

  • Follow the format of the counter-offer job letter based on its template
  • Write the basic information of yourself clearly
  • State a good and clear reason why you need to negotiate the salary
  • Give some facts to strengthen and support your argument
  • Write in a good arrangement with a formal wording option

Sample of Counter Offer Job Letter

Something to be underline, you could send the counter-offer job letter as a defense strategy, so the salary can be improved. Here, you help you write a good letter for counter-offer, we show you a sample.

Read the sample below.

Dear Mr. Jack

Through this letter, I want to thank you for offering me the position of staff coordination at George Hospital. I am very glad and excited to be given a good chance in this position. Besides, I also want to thank you for your option to place me as the top candidate.

However, I am hoping that there is a chance to negotiate a higher base salary before I join the team. While your offer for me is generous, I am seeking a salary of $89,000 annually.

I believe that the salary is more in line with my experiences and skills, including my last ten years in handling the medical administration field. I truly hope that we can meet to negotiate the salary that I want as soon as possible.

Of course, when the salary can be clear simply, I am ready to join your team and run my new job. I am available and please feel free to message me when you need to get more information.

Once again, thank you for this opportunity. Hopefully, we could finalize the negotiation soon clearly.

The sample of the counter-offer job letter can be a helper when you want to make it. Substantively, there is no specific format for this letter but you must apply the formal writing option.

When it is needed, you may attach some experiences in the same fields. The attachment maybe can be good supporting evidence for the counter-offer job letter, so the management will seriously consider the appeal of you to negotiate the salary.


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