Request for Promotion Letter and Its Sample

To obtain a business promotion or be considered as a business partner, you will need to send a formal document called a request for promotion letter. This kind of letter aims to express your interest. It also highlights your education & experience as being exceptional as well as deserving of the promotion.

What Does a Request for Promotion Letter Include?

This kind of letter should contain the achievements of your employment in the company. Besides that, it should also contain items like years of experience, special areas of study, achievements awarded during employment/schooling, and familiarity with the company.

Why Do You Need to Write a Request for Promotion Letter?

You may have enjoyed working in your company. However, you have to improve your career. You may think about being a business partner, for example. In this case, what you need to write and send is a promotion request letter.

How to Make a Request for Promotion Letter

You have to write such a letter in the proper format. It contains a few sections that highlight a specific theme. Here is how to write it:

  • Send this kind of letter at the appropriate time.
  • Use a professional heading & salutation.
  • State your request clearly and detail your own qualifications completely.
  • Offer solution to fill your current role.
  • Close or end the letter.

Tips for Making a Request for Promotion Letter

To create an effective promotion request letter, you should consider the useful tips below:

  • Follow the proper format.
  • Use good grammar & spelling.
  • Pay attention to diction.
  • Use a formal writing style.
  • Proofread to avoid errors and mistakes

A Sample of a Request for Promotion Letter

You can find an example of a promotion request letter below:

Dear Mr. Jacky,

I’m Michael Larson & I’ve been working at your law firm for 3 years as an apprentice. I was involved in various activities like being a debate team member. I learn many things from your company. I was very lucky to be able to work here. So, I hope to have a further career here. That’s why I request the chance to be a partner in your firm. I enjoy working with you. I believe that my resources will be beneficial for your firm.

So far, I always keep everything organized & clean. I’m really motivated and have developed my ability. You’ve helped me to learn many things. Anyway, thank you very much.

It’s my sincere if I can be a partner in your Law Firm. I believe that I’ll satisfy you and you’ll never regret to promote me. I still want to learn from you. I also want to handle cases under the name & reputation of your law office.

I hope we can discuss it further. Please feel free to call me at (111)-111-1111 or send an email to


Michael Larson

Senior Apprentice

That is all about a request for promotion letter. This kind of letter must be written carefully. So, you can follow the sample above.


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