Disability Appeal Letter and Its Sample

When an individual believes that they cannot continue their work because of the physically and mentally problem, writing the disability appeal letter is an important thing to do. This letter is a document that is applied to show their real condition and do some claims.

An individual can apply this letter through the SSA or Social Security Administration. Of course, inside the letter, they need to write their reason why they write this letter and the medical records as the attachment.

How to Make Disability Appeal Letter

These are some matters to be done when you want to make this disability appeal letter. Of course, the ways to make it can be a guide and helper for those who want to create it for the first time.

Things to do in making this letter are:

  • Find a sample of the disability appeal letter to know its format
  • Complete the basic information, such as the name, social security number, claim number, and others
  • Write the detailed reasons for appeal with simple and clear sentences. Please avoid using unclear explanations and ambiguous words
  • Attach the medication reports to support the reasons
  • Legalize the letter by adding a signature with a clear name

Sample of Disability Appeal Letter

We have a sample of this disability appeal letter to be a guide when you want to make it. Through a sample, you may know how to state the reasons and explain the latest condition of you.

Read the sample below.

Dear Mr. Blake

My name is Jenny and I am writing this letter to appeal my denial for the disability benefits date October 15, 2011. I applied for the disability because of my physical condition after my surgery to remove my breast cancer almost 3 years ago.

I have tried to work hard but my condition was getting worse day by day. I realized that cancer kills my energy. I cannot concentrate on my job and every target and deadline that I faced cannot be finished maximally. That is why I applied for the decision of the company at that time.

However, now, my doctor says that I am unable to work. I have attached my medical records that show that my breast cancer is gone. There is also evidence of strong treatment that I face and it brings me to this latest condition.

I realized that my physical condition now is much better than before. That is why I write this letter to claim my disability. I would like nothing better than getting back my work to fill my needs. Thank you for your time and consideration.



We may see from the sample above that substantively, making this letter is simple. There is no exact format to be followed but you need to pay attention to the wording option.

Since you have some purposes through the letter, please make a professional disability appeal letter. Make sure that the letter could influence the manager or administrator that will read your letter. Hopefully, it will be useful for you all.



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