Appreciative resignation letter and the great sample 

Resigning a job that you have truly enjoyed where you have grown personally and in your care, will be not easy. Therefore, you need to write an Appreciative resignation letter as their achievement during working with your company or organization because they have a certain reason why they do resign.

Many reasons why people write this Appreciative resignation letter idea. Most of them decide to resign because of offered an opportunity for advancement. Therefore, you have to try to leave a job on the best possible terms nevertheless of the circumstances surrounding the departure and expressing sincerity to leave.

How to write an Appreciative resignation letter

If you have no idea to write this Appreciative resignation letter template, you should not worry because you can follow some steps below that will help you to arrange the letter. Here are the steps to follow:

  • you need to follow the basic business format before you begin to write this cover letter
  • you also need to address to the right person because your letter will be taken credit by the person you directly address
  • the body of your letter should include your intention to resign and the date especially when your resignation will be effective subsequently
  • you also can write the reason why you want to leave the job

The tips to write an Appreciative resignation letter

Besides, you also need some tips to write an Appreciative resignation letter design. In this idea, you can follow some ideas below to make your letter impressive to read.

  • You need to try to make your letter format a dignified and professional with a gracious one
  • In the first paragraph, you need to let your employers know of your resignation
  • You can use the third paragraph to give your sincere thanks and gratitude for the great work environment and relationship
  • Remember to give your signature and the date

The Appreciative resignation letter sample 

If you need a sample, you can read the following Appreciative resignation letter sample that can be used as your reference to write. It will help you very much to write even if you have never created it before.

Here is the sample:

Dear Mr. Cunnington 

I am just writing this letter to inform you that I am resigning from my position as a manager at Express Company. I have recently been given a great offer to manage a new company that I believe will help me to get more of my career goals and I have decided to accept. My last day of work will be December 12, 2016, so please accept this letter as my two weeks’ notice of resignation. I gain your patience and cooperation in this matter.

I truly guilt the inconvenience that my resignation may cause and hope to help any way I can prepare a replacement to take over the duties and anything else that is needed. Please call me at 666-889-2222 if you want to discuss this further. 

I am grateful for all of the great experience and opportunity I have gained by working at Express Company and I will miss all of the team members. 



Adam Lallana 

Adam L. Lallana

Manager Express Company 

With the sample of this Appreciative resignation letter, you can write a proper cover letter without any difficulties. All you need for this letter is that you have to follow the professional business letter.



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