Rental Agreement Letter for A Clear Business

In the rental business, the rental agreement letter becomes a very essential matter that will influence it. This letter outlines the detailed contracts between a tenant and the landlord. Of course, this letter also will be signed by both agents as a sign of the agreement.

By making this letter, both tenant and landlord will have an agreement to be kept during the business. Of course, it is a legal document and so there will be a law to cover it. It means, when an agent breaks the agreement, another agent could claim their right.

Tips to Make a Good Rental Agreement Letter

The agreement letter maybe is a common letter for the rental and other businesses. However, since it is a formal and legal letter, you need to be careful in making it.

These are some tips that could be considered when you want to make it. Through these tips, of course, making a good rental agreement letter will be easier and you also could avoid some mistakes away from it.

The tips to be known are:

  • Look for the template of the rental agreement letter to find its format
  • Write the identity of both tenant and landlord clearly, especially the basic information
  • State clear points of agreement and the consequences when an agent breaks it
  • Find a person to be a witness of the agreement
  • Legalize the letter by the formal stamp and signature

Sample of Rental Agreement Letter

To ease you in creating the rental agreement letter, there is a sample that can be your reference. By reading the sample, of course, you could know what to state inside it and how to arrange the information about the letter.

Read the following sample of it below.

Dear Mr. Steven

These are the terms of the rental agreement with Mark Leasing. The leasing company as a landlord agrees to rent the property that is located in Max Hill, Georgia for a year starting September 12, 2011. Then, the rental agreement will end on September 12, 2012. The extension will be discussed later.

The following terms that should be agreed to:

  • There is an initial security deposit of $120 that should be sent by the first day of rent. The deposit will be returned when there is no damaged property during the rental period
  • The fee for the rental is $1240 each month. The fee should be paid to the landlord maximally by the 5thof every month
  • There is an additional rental fee of around $100 when the payment is late each week
  • When the rental isn’t paid in a month, a landlord has a chance to terminate the contract
  • No smoking is allowed in the building
  • Pet is appropriate
  • No parking in the street

Please sign this letter and return it to the office with the deposit on the first point. Thank you for your attention.



Through the sample below, you may know how to make a clear rental agreement letter. Of course, the points of the agreement can be differentiated based on your needs and the discussion.


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