Voluntary Termination Letter and Its Sample

An employee submits or sends a resignation letter to notify an employer that he/she is going to leave the company. Here, the employer sends the employee a voluntary termination letter to acknowledge & accept the resignation of the employee.

How to Make a Voluntary Termination Letter

A voluntary termination can be a mutual agreement. It can also be initiated by either the employer or the employee. Anyway, creating this kind of letter is a challenging task. So, you will need to follow these steps below:

  • In the first paragraph, it mirrors the letter of resignation since the information in the letter is correct and factual. If there is incorrect information, it must be corrected in the reply of the employer.
  • Then, you also need to write the date written.
  • After that, you should state the effective date of the termination.
  • Next, do not forget to request for a leaving interview.
  • In addition, you are also required to add the handling of the final paycheck of the employee.
  • In the end, the employer should add information about company property return.

Tips for Writing a Voluntary Termination Letter

Writing such a letter must be done carefully. There are some important and useful tips you will need to consider. It is a formal letter so that you have to write it professionally. The following tips may help you a lot:

  • First, you have to ensure that you address it to the employee who wants to resign from your company.
  • Besides, you have to restate and confirm the info provided by the employee in his/her resignation letter.
  • Also, you should provide info that relates to your company policies.
  • In addition, you must follow the format & rules.
  • Next, it is a must to use good grammar.

Voluntary Termination Letter Sample

If you are searching for an example of a voluntary termination letter, you can find it below:

Dear Ms. Julie,

This letter acknowledges that we received a resignation letter from you on October 15th, 2020. The letter states that you want to resign from your position at Southeast Inc. effective on October 31st, 2020. You want to pursue a career opportunity with another company. We accept it. So, your employment will be terminated on October 31st, 2020.

We appreciate your loyalty for many years with us. You really gave the best during your work in Southeast Inc. I appreciate the chance for an exit interview. You can call my office at (111)-111-1111 to schedule it. My assistant will provide the date & time I am available on my calendar. I hope you can find the time for an appointment that will be beneficial for us. If you cannot schedule it, let my assistant know. She will send a written form to you via email.

You will receive the last paycheck on October 31st, 2020. I will be pleased to answer your questions if any.


Rosemary I.

Now, there is no reason that you cannot create a voluntary termination letter on your own. Just feel free to follow the guides, tips, and a sample above.



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