Teacher Retirement Letter and Its Sample

Retire from your job as a teacher sometimes can be a difficult option that should be chosen. Getting a new job in a different and better position or bored with the situation around the school can be the reasons why you retire. However, you need to make a teacher retirement letter to realize your want.


The retirement letter becomes an important and formal letter to be made and sent to the school committee. Through this letter, you could let the school administrator knows about your decision and they could deliver the answer and the solution for you.

Of course, since a retirement letter becomes a formal letter, these are some rules to be followed in making this letter. It means you need to follow the format and write every word carefully.

How to Make Teacher Retirement Letter

These are some guides that can help you to make a good retirement letter before you resign from your job. By following the guides, of course making this letter will be simpler and easier. The guides are:

  • Find the template of the teacher retirement letter and follow its format
  • Complete the format of the retirement letter such as formal letterhead, introduction, body paragraph, and conclusion
  • Introduce yourself and tell them about the position that you have inside the school
  • Write about the career trip inside the school before you decide to leave
  • State a clear reason why you need to retire from the job
  • Give the signature to legalize the letter

Sample of Teacher Retirement Letter

There is a sample of the retirement letter that can be your reference before making it. This sample is quite simple and easy to be understood. It comes from an educator that has a high dedication to the career as a teacher. However, this teacher has some plans, so the decision that should be chosen is retiring from the current job.

You may see how the words are arranged here. Learn about the word options when the writer wants to tell them about the reason for retirement.

Read the sample below:

Dear Mr. John

After more than 27 years of teaching at Victor Science Elementary School, I have decided that it is the right time for me to retire. I plan to complete and to finish the current school year before my leaving on October 15.

During my long teaching time in this school, I was very glad and fortunate to meet best friends and accomplished my teaching goals. My best achievement was helping the school to get the best science school predicate from the government last year.

I feel that I lost a lot of my energy in teaching. My condition is getting worse day by day because of my sickness. I love this school with all of my dedication. However, I think that my condition will be only a problem for this school in the future –since I have some absence in teaching to go to the hospital.

I plan to remain in Manchester following my retirement. I will live with my family and try to struggle with this bad condition. Thank you for considering this letter. Please feel free to discuss with me about my appeal.



That is all about the teacher retirement letter that you need to know. Besides, you need to know that you cannot send the retirement letter in hurry. Give the committee a time to read your letter and to decide whether they will accept your permission or not.



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