Award announcement letter and its sample 

When you are working in any company or organization and you get achievement, you usually will get an award from them. In this idea, the company usually will give you an Award announcement letter. This letter is a formal letter which is written to give you an award because of your achievement in the company or organization.

What is an Award announcement letter?

The Award announcement letter document is sent to inform someone about their qualification for something applied. Usually, it can be monetary gain like business contractor benefits from the government. This letter is common during the action situation where many parties are bidding for any contractors.

What should I include to write an Award announcement letter? 

When you are writing this letter, you need to pay attention to the method of writing. This idea can be much more of a hassle especially when it deals with in masses. To write this letter, it is simple in the process and it can reduce the amount of time because it is not difficult.

How to create an Award announcement letter 

To write this letter, you should understand the basic template of the award announcement letter. You can follow some ideas below when you are writing this letter.

  • You only need to make your format of the letter just like a memorandum
  • You can talk about the award a little bit that was given
  • You also can talk about the person who is receiving the award

Tips to write an Award announcement letter 

Besides, if you are confused to write this letter, you also can read some tips to write an Award announcement letter format. With this idea, your letter will be easier to read. Here are some of the tips:

  • You can eliminate the personal information when it has multiple people listed
  • It will be better to write this letter in a group than in personal
  • You can apply use three-paragraphs to make it simple

The sample of Award announcement letter 

To facilitate your writing this letter, you can read the Award announcement letter sample below. it can be your best reference when you are writing the letter.

This is the sample:

California 35621

Date: September 27, 2017

To: all firefighters

 It gives me great pleasure to announce that firefighter Houston has been chosen as this year’s recipient of the firefighter of the year award. This award is given annually to a firefighter that can demonstrate exceptional courage and devotion for the duty. It will be a prestigious honor to serve to recognize the best of the best within the ranks. 

In choosing the recipient, several things are considered such as the years of service, leadership, and character. What set Mr. Adam, John Boston, and Solomon has served as a mentor for several new firefighters over the past few months. 

Additionally, you are also expected to adhere to the time as indicated in the work permit. Mayor Mason Henderson also will present this award for this team at the office. I hope you all will make plans to attend this banquet to show your support for one of our own. Congratulation to all of you!



Michael Jason 

Mr. Michael Jason

Battalion chief

That is all about the Award announcement letter. It is not difficult to create if you understand the letter very well.




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