Family Emergency Leave Letter to Get Manager’s Permission

For the workers, sometimes they need to leave their works because of family reasons. Well, the emergency of the family pushes them to attend in the middle of the lovely family. However, to get permission from the manager, they need to make the family emergency leave letter.

The family emergency leave letter is a document or a letter that is sent to the manager. This letter tells about the real condition of the family and the reasons why you need to leave an absence. Of course, there also should be informed about the number of days when you absent.

Writing this letter is quite essential. It doesn’t only to get permission but to show professionalism as a worker.

Tips to Make a Good Family Emergency Leave Letter

Substantively, there is no single format of the family emergency leave letter. It means you are free to write a letter based on your condition. However, since it is an important letter, you need to be careful in arranging it.

These are some tips that you may follow to make it. The tips are:

  • Find a template of the family emergency leave letter to see the format of it
  • Use a good writing style with a formal wording option
  • State a clear reason why you need to attend in the middle of the family
  • State that you are ready to get the consequences of the absences
  • Legalize the letter by adding the signature and your name

Sample of Family Emergency Leave Letter

To ease you in writing the family emergency leave letter, there is a sample of the letter that you can see. The sample here can be a reference. Besides, you also could know how to state the whole reason and information inside it.

Read the following sample below.

Dear Mr. Whore

Through this letter, I want to inform you about the absence of my work because of an emergency in the family. I have just gotten a word that my brother has a serious illness. He has collapsed yesterday and I am heading him to the family. Starting from today, I will spend my hours taking care of him and also my family.

I plan to return to my work around a week from now, May 19, 2011. I feel confident that my whole projects can be handled maximally after my return. However, when there will be a problem with my project during my absence, of course, I will take the whole responsibility.

Besides, I also said my condition to some staff. I hope that they could replace my position for around a week. Then, I also try to communicate with them by phone, especially when they need helps in arranging the projects.

Of course, you also could call me to ask about my responsibility. Thank you for your permission and attention.



That is all about the family emergency leave letter that you can write. The main point here is trying to give clear statements about your absence. Hopefully, it will be useful for you all.


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