School Appeal Letter and Its Sample

It is seldom for a school appeal letter to lead in the reversal of an admission decision of a college. However, this will not hurt a student to try it. To have an opportunity of an appeal being accepted, he/she needs to show that circumstances have dramatically changed between now & the time originally he/she applied for & was denied admissions.

How to Make a School Appeal Letter

Creating such a letter is a very challenging task. So, you cannot do it carelessly. If you want to create this kind of letter on your own, you will need to follow these steps. There are a few steps you should follow. Here they are:

  • First of all, you have to find a format for this kind of letter. Even though there is no specific format, make sure that this letter contains an introduction, body, and conclusion.
  • After you understand the format well, you can start with a greeting.
  • Then, you can continue with an introductory paragraph.
  • In the body paragraph, you should tell and explain why you got a poor performance.
  • In the last paragraph, you have to request for a second chance to improve the result of your exam.
  • Do not forget to sign off the letter and include your name clearly.

Tips for Creating a School Appeal Letter

There are some important and useful tips to follow in creating such a letter. The detailed tips can be seen below. You have to consider them all.

  • First, you have to follow the format and rules.
  • Besides that, you should keep it polite, clear, and understandable. Therefore, make sure that you use good grammar & dictions and avoid ambiguous words.
  • Then, you have to give acceptable reasons why you could not give your best performance.
  • In addition, you have to make it convincing where you will try the best for your second chance.

School Appeal Letter Sample

If you are a student and failed to get a good score on your exam because of certain reasons, it is a good idea to write an appeal letter. If you need an example, you can see it below:

Dear Dr. Colin,

I’m writing this letter to appeal the decision of UIN University to reject my application for admissions in the exam. I realize that most decisions of the admissions are final. However, I have a few extenuating circumstances that I believe will be worth you to examine.

I know that my application is rejected because my SAT score was below the average. But you need to know that I got my poor performance because I couldn’t submit my first SAT. On that day, I got an accident so that I couldn’t go to school.

I will be able to get a better SAT score if I submit my first SAT. So, I hope you consider giving me a second chance to submit my first SAT. Thank you very much in advance for your time & consideration. I am free for a meeting anytime you want.



That is all about a school appeal letter. If you want to write your own appeal letter because you failed to get a good score on your exam at school, you can follow the sample and tips above.


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